Bamboo, Reclaimed Wood, Tile are just some floor materials that are widely used in today’s market

Flooring Materials that Buyers are Looking For | 2-10 Blog

Flooring Materials that Buyers Looking For Add Value to Residential Properties With These Floor Materials Flooring has seen significant innovation over the past decade, with factory-finished materials becoming nearly indistinguishable from pricey onsite finishes. If you’re planning to install a …


Mobile technology provides many benefits to home builders while on the building site

How Mobile Technology Helps Builders | 2-10 Blog

How Mobile Technology Helps Home Builders According to a recent report from JBKnowledge, builders have been relatively slow to adopt technology as a means of improving work performance. If you are still using “yesterday’s tools” for bidding, estimating and managing …


Reverse Mortgage 101

Reverse Mortgage 101 | 2-10 Blog

Reverse Mortgages 101 It may seem counter-intuitive for an agent to use reverse mortgages to move more real estate. After all, these loans are designed to help seniors to stay in their homes. In many instances, however, agents can actually …


Choosing the Right Fireplace for New Home Builds

Choosing the Right Fireplace for a New Home Build

Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Builds Fireplaces have always been among the most desired features for home buyers. In fact, according to data from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), fireplaces rank second among the top amenities desired …


5 Blogging Ideas for Residential Home Builders

5 Blog Ideas for Residential Home Builders

5 Blog Topic Ideas for Residential Home Builders Blogging Ideas to Increase Builder’s Online Visibility Blogging allows home builders to enhance their reputations and engage with prospective clients. When regularly updated with informative content, they can also boost search engine …