Have home prices recovered from the great recession?

Have Home Prices Recovered | 2-10-Blog

Have Home Prices Fully Recovered From the Recession? A nationwide banking emergency that plunged the U.S. economy into the Great Recession, the subprime mortgage crisis sent home prices plummeting. Now, new data suggests this trend has made a complete reversal, …


Climate considerations - what builders should know when entering a new market

Climate Considerations for Builders | 2-10 Blog

Climate Considerations for Builders – Expanding to New Climates How to Build Homes in Different Climates If you’re expanding your building business to new climates you’ll have to be prepared to do things a bit differently. A home in Minnesota …


Best Places in the US to Build

Best Places to Build in the US | 2-10 Blog

Best Places to Build Housing Markets That Will Grow in 2017 According to experts, the overall housing market is expected to slow in 2017. In certain regions, however, unique circumstances should fuel continued growth. If you’re looking for prime destinations …


How to find quality and skilled subcontractors for your building projects

How to find Quality Subcontractors | 2-10 Blog

How to Find Quality and Skilled Subcontractors With a shortage of skilled labor, it can be difficult for builders to find reliable subcontractors to complete projects under budget. If you’re struggling to locate experienced subs for your current build, consider …