How can I ensure my HVAC systems are in good and safe working order?

Testing and inspecting the home’s systems and appliances is always the best way to ensure that those items are working, and home inspections are a great first start. However, home inspectors are not experts in every home system, but are generalists trained to recognize evidence of potential problems*. Having a qualified Heating and Air Conditioning service contractor conduct a more thorough and exhaustive inspection of the HVAC system can enhance a home listed for sale, and reassure buyers that the most expensive system in their home is in good working order.

2-10 HBW HVAC Certification provides an inexpensive way to check the HVAC thoroughly for any existing failure before closing and/or the beginning of the service period.

And, we believe so strongly in the value of this, that when your system passes and receives an HVAC Certification, we will waive the pre-existing condition clause.

2-10 HBW HVAC Certification is not available in all states. Contact your local 2-10 HBW account executive for more information.