How does the optional HVAC Inspection and Certification work?

When purchasing a Home Warranty Service Agreement from 2-10 HBW, request an HVAC Certification. 2-10 HBW will notify a preferred service contractor that the HVAC Certification has been requested. The service contractor will contact the homeowner and schedule an appointment for the inspection. At the time of the HVAC inspection, the homeowner will pay the service contractor no more than an $85 service fee for the first HVAC system inspected. If the home has multiple HVAC systems, the homeowner will pay no more than an additional $35 for each HVAC system that is inspected. The service contractor will examine the system(s) and provide a report to the homeowner. If no service issues are found, the service contractor will certify that the HVAC is in good working order.

Contact your local 2-10 HBW Account Executive for more information. 2-10 HBW HVAC Certification is not available in all states.