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Emily Nipper is an Account Executive for the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW®) Resale Division in Middle and South Georgia, and in Alabama, including, Montgomery, Phoenix City and Auburn. She has been with 2-10 HBW since 2000, and was honored with the Council of Sales Leadership (COSL) award in 2016. The COSL award recognizes professionals who display optimal home warranty sales expertise while delivering trustworthiness and integrity to every customer, every day, every time.

Understanding complex business topics comes naturally to Emily, who previously worked for a closing attorney. This skill—along with her education and profound belief in honesty and integrity—has served her well at 2-10 HBW. Her customers value her help guiding their efforts and collaborating with them on the end goal. With a tenure of more than 15 years, she is a trusted and reliable resource who is able to share and educate about the importance of Home Warranty Service Agreements, and be available at all times to the customers she serves.

Married to Louis, the couple has a daughter, a son and two dogs. Their greatest joy is spending quality time outside with family and friends.

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