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5 of the Top Podcasts for Real Estate Agents

The Best Podcasts for Real Estate Agents

Podcasts are a great way to learn about nearly any topic, including real estate. By listening to real estate podcasts, agents can easily learn all about the latest industry news and other invaluable knowledge to help them grow professionally.

Whether you already have a favorite podcast or have never listened to one before, here are 5 podcasts every agent should listen to. You might even become inspired to start your own!

1. Unlisted with Brad Inman

If you’ve ever read about real estate online you’ve likely come across information from Inman News. With the podcast Unlisted, Brad Inman (the well-known website’s founder) decided to share his keen insights via another medium.

The podcast features international real estate insights, fascinating interviews, chats with top industry experts and so much more.

2. Real Estate Coaching Radio with Tim and Julie Harris

The title of this top podcast says it all. Listening to this incredibly successful husband-wife team is like having your own industry coach who can guide you through your career. You’ll learn tips and tricks, hear from other experts in the field and they also cover topics like managing expectations to help you close out a solid year.

3. Agent Caffeine with Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell is an industry innovator who truly knows her stuff, and now she wants to help you “caffeinate” your business.

This podcast is anything but boring: “Agent Caffeine is the bold blend of initiative, balls and gumption that keep you relevant and your business thriving. The interviews are meant to stimulate ideas, to invigorate thought, to inspire ideas. Get your favorite adult beverage and settle in for an evening of invigorating conversation.”

4. Super Agents Live with Toby Salgado

The tagline of Super Agents Live is, “meet your mentor,” and that’s exactly what Toby Salgado strives to be. He’s found success both in and out of the real estate industry and the information he shares is extremely valuable from an entrepreneurial perspective.

5. Move to Tacoma with Marguerite Giguere

This podcast is a great example for other agents to follow, especially if they’d like to create their own podcast centered around the region where they live and work. You don’t have to live anywhere near Tacoma to receive value from listening to this podcast — try sitting down for a few episodes, taking comprehensive notes about how you might deliver similar information about your own metro area.

If you still haven’t found a podcast that resonates with you and the way you do business there’s no need to worry — just have a look at this comprehensive list, with 40 real estate podcasts to choose from.

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