Holiday Travel: Make sure your home is set before you go

HolidayTravelThe holidays can mean a lot of traveling for many people, leaving little time spent at home during the months of November and December. Before you take off this season, make sure that your home is ready.


  1. Hot water tank
    P.K Wadsworth recommends turning off the water going into your hot water tank. If a leak develops while you are away it will be limited to what is in your tank. For a longer trip, turning off the hot water tank completely will save energy.
    Source: pkwadsworth.com
  1. Temperature
    Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating recommends to “Set your thermostat at a lower temperature to save money. Leave your heating system set to 55° to keep the house warm, so that pipes do not freeze.”
    Source: blairsair.com
  1. Appliances
    The Michele Safford Group recommends to “Unplug all small kitchen appliances like your coffee maker, toaster, microwave, blender, and others.”
    Source: michelesafford.com