Five 2016 Home Design Trends to Watch

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2016’s Most Interesting Homebuilder Design Trends

Welcome to 2016: it’s time to remember that a new year brings in new trends and taste. What home design trends should builders be watching out for this year? Here are five design trends that home buyers are going to be watching in 2016.

5. Art Deco is Back

Everything that goes around comes around and 2016 is poised to be the year that art deco makes a splashy comeback, even if the style is integrated with a few modern improvements. The style’s bold geometric patterns first appeared in France prior to World War I; now art deco has come to represent luxury, glamour, exuberance and faith in social and technological progress. Smart builders and designers should plan to take a deep dive into the style in order to thematically bring together living spaces and add elegance and dimension to a wide variety of rooms.

4. Bringing Nature Home

From decorating dense urban spaces with greenery to turning expansive nearby open space into GPS treasure hunts, consumers are experimenting with new means to bring nature home. For designers, this means furniture that can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as décor, accessories and plant-inspired items that feel more organic and outdoorsy rather than coldly modern.

3. Gaining Authenticity Through Artisan Goods

Home buyers are increasingly inspired by the goods around them, rather than Amazon-sourced products from China. For designers, this means buying locally manufactured and globally crafted goods, as well as a willingness to mix vintage and artisanal items with mass produced goods. A one-of-kind Polynesian drum or a Persian rug might be just the item to offset that Target coffee table.

2. Embracing Minimalism in Windows

Over the last two years more and more home buyers have been inspired by trendy loft spaces to strip their windows bare. Not only does this have a dramatic effect on a family’s privacy but it can also strip a living space of color, personality, texture and mood. Instead, use shades or simple panels to provide privacy and atmosphere.

1. Sustainable Living is Still In

From the stuffing in our couches to the very foundations that new homes are built on, sustainability is a new core value for consumers of almost anything that is being manufactured today. Recycling, repurposing, reinventing and reusing are essential elements to highlight for potential buyers, so builders and designers should take sustainability into account when choosing materials, décor, accents and more.

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