Five Features Every Home Buyer Wants

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What are Home Buyers Looking for as they Buy New Homes in 2016?

What are home buyers looking for as they buy new homes in 2016? The rebounding economy is creating a dynamic new housing market in rebounding home buyers. Homes built in the past year are becoming bigger, more futuristic and more efficient than homes built during the past eight years as the economy and the housing market both took big hits. Let’s take a look at the top five features and amenities that current home buyers are seeking out during their search of new homes.

5.  Energy-Star Qualified Windows

Swapping out old-fashioned windows for new fuel-efficient versions will help your home design stand out to buyers who are very conscious of their budgets and the rising costs of utilities. These high-tech windows can help reduce a buyer’s energy bills by up to 15 percent. They come already equipped with an invisible glass coating, vacuum-sealed space filled with inert gas between panes, more robust weather stripping and improved framing materials. All of these improvements reduce undesired heat gain and loss in a new home.

4. Separate Laundry Room

Over 90 percent of potential buyers surveyed about new home features indicated that they want a separate laundry room and over half of home buyers wouldn’t buy a home without a laundry area. While in-closet stackable models might be fine for apartments and condos, new home buyers see a separate laundry room as a huge benefit. Having a separate space to use for folding, ironing clothes, separating loads and other essential tasks helps to keep the mess out of a homeowner’s living room, bedroom or common spaces. These rooms generally have enough space to accommodate a full-size washer and dryer, storage space for folded clothes and laundry supplies, additional electrical outlets and a sink.

3. Storage Space in the Garage

Storage space is nearly always at a premium for new home buyers, no matter how extensive the size of their property. Buyers with growing families are particularly at risk of running out of storage space. Home builders will do themselves a favor if they ensure that storage space, not only in the garage but throughout the home, is easily accessible, modern and organized. Unlike an attic or a backyard shed, the garage is far more accessible to occupants, making it easier to transport tools or toys to and from other parts of the home.

2. Wireless Home Security System

This desired item is a no-brainer for builders because it’s easy to integrate in both the design and construction phases of a build. Smart phones are now ubiquitous and modern buyers of new homes expect to be able to monitor and control their homes at all times via a smart phone app or tablet interface. In some cases, installing a wireless home security system can also be less expensive than hard-wired versions and may not require outside expertise to install.

1. Exterior Lighting

Homes with exterior lighting are a godsend not only to builders but also to sales professionals because they help grab the attention of potential buyers before they ever set foot on the property. Exterior lighting is the most-desired outdoor feature according to real estate professionals. Wall lanterns, accent lights and spotlights aimed at the front wall of a new home all help boost the first impression of potential buyers and enhance curb appeal in the early evening.

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