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Mobile technology provides many benefits to home builders while on the building site

Mobile technology provides many benefits to home builders while on the building site

How Mobile Technology Helps Home Builders

According to a recent report from JBKnowledge, builders have been relatively slow to adopt technology as a means of improving work performance. If you are still using “yesterday’s tools” for bidding, estimating and managing projects, learn how mobile platforms can help.

Modern Tools Can Provide a Big Edge

To help meet modern job site challenges, a number of forward-thinking companies have developed new technologies specifically designed for construction. Here are some of the ways mobile technology can assist builders on the job:

  • Estimating: Estimating is one of the most critical – and time-consuming – parts of the bidding process. By providing spreadsheet-style layouts, construction calculator apps like BuildCalc help builders make efficient estimates. They also offer quick conversion tools for volume, area, distance, weight and angles.
  • Bidding: You can’t land new clients without making a smart bid. Designed to make it easier for builders to win projects, bid invitation apps like SmartBidNet streamline the bidding process. Thanks to an intuitive communications dashboard, builders can prequalify and manage subcontractors, centralize project document distribution and send bid invitations. They can also customize subcontractor access options, manage the entire draft bid process and share calendars to help manage bidding deadlines.
  • Customer Relations: Designed specifically for contractors, tools such as Improveit 360 make customer relationship management much easier. Builders can leverage tools for centralizing their lead databases, optimizing phone and email marketing, appointment scheduling and sales. They can also track and manage leads, while preventing duplicates.
  • Building Information Modeling: Modern digital information modeling is an especially useful technology for today’s builders. By allowing them to craft 3-D models they can animate and rotate, Autodesk apps make it easier and less expensive to plan projects.
  • Safety: Modern technology has also made it much easier for builders to meet OSHA’s safety meeting regulations. With the Safety Meeting app, contractors can schedule and document meetings, pull up safety topics and receive reports about incidents and near-misses.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Nowadays, mobile devices can assist contractors in virtually any phase of construction, from client acquisition and bookkeeping to making estimates and managing projects. If you aren’t taking advantage of new mobile technologies, now is a great time to start.

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