Real Estate Agents Can Overcome the Challenges of the Digital Age

real estate technology

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real estate technology

Can Real Estate Agents Compete with Online Listings?

Thanks to an increase in home-finding technology real estate agents across the country are concerned that their jobs could be at risk. Websites like Zillow and Trulia have altered the landscape of real estate, especially since buyers and sellers now have access to information that they, traditionally, only could have gotten from an agent.

All of this begs the question, “What can agents do to demonstrate the value that they bring to the home purchasing process?” If you’re an agent asking yourself this same question, continue reading to learn more.

Meet your Buyers Where they Spend their Time: Online

If you want to be successful as an agent in today’s real estate landscape, you must have an online presence. The National Association of Realtors even estimates that 92% of all buyers consult the Internet during their home search, so not being online isn’t an option in this industry. You don’t need to be active on every social media site or updating your blog five times a week, but try to complete these tasks:

  • Create a website for yourself and your business. Think about what a potential client would want to know about you, your experience and the areas where you do business.
  • Consider adding a blog, too. You can share tips about the regions you sell in, and with any luck house hunters will see your useful materials when researching via the search engines.
  • Claim your name and/or business name on all major social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • You don’t need to actively use all of those platforms. Choose one or two that you genuinely enjoy and then work on building up your follower numbers. Don’t forget to interact with your audience too, or else your efforts won’t be helpful.

While you’re working on your online persona you might as well think about your overall branding. Buyers want to work with a personable agent who understands their needs, so be sure to convey the value that you can bring to their home search.

Read up on Current Technology Trends in Real Estate

Times are changing and technology is here to stay. That’s why real estate professionals should embrace new technologies entering the marketplace. It might feel overwhelming at first, but remember that there’s no need to become an expert on every available tool. For starters, try checking out this list about the Top 26 Tools and Apps for Real Estate Agents.

Position Yourself as an Expert to Beat Technology

Even though consumers can turn to the Internet to help with their home search, most buyers realize that there’s no substitute for the assistance of an in-person expert. The statistics support this claim:

  • 83% of homebuyers purchased a home through a real estate agent.
  • 88% of home sellers were assisted by an agent with their transaction.

Simply put, try not to worry about how technology could negatively impact your business. Maintain an online presence, learn how to use some of the new tools that are available, and continue to showcase your expertise to buyers. They’ll happily turn to you for their home search instead of a website. If you’re still a bit concerned about the changing real estate market, read this article from Bloomberg to see why you might not have to worry too much about tools like Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow.

Share with us how you’ve used technology to beat the competition in the comments!

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