Relocating? It Requires a Pro.

Beth Kinsella, Member Solutions Manager, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®
Beth Kinsella, Member Solutions Manager, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

By Beth Kinsella, Member Solutions Manager, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Moving can be challenging, even when you are staying in the same community — it’s the ultimate exercise in multi-tasking. It can be expensive, emotional and inconvenient. Now just imagine a move outside of your current neighborhood; simply add the word ‘very’ in front of each of those aforementioned adjectives, and you’ll get the picture. Enlisting the help of a relocation professional can put your mind at ease and make starting a new chapter an exciting adventure rather than an epic drama.

Successful relocation professionals strive to learn about all of their client’s needs. By asking specific questions during the initial client interview, the relocation professional can gauge the preferences and expectations of their clients. Janet Hubbard, relocation director at Lyon Real Estate (CA), noted, “After I’ve completed the interview, before I hang up, I always ask if they have any other concerns to discuss. It helps you and the selected agent anticipate their needs and set up a back- up plan. Having a plan in place is a critical component to transition and usually results in exceeding the client’s expectations. ”

Moving to an unknown area can be especially challenging when you don’t know the specific neighborhoods and communities. Relocation professionals can help transferees understand the nuances of different areas to find the right match. This can mean finding schools, public transportation options, specialized medical services, sports facilities, entertainment venues and houses of worship.

The relocation professional’s assistance regularly goes beyond finding the right home; it can include helping set-up utilities and orchestrating movers. Allison Mulhall, relocation director at Laffey Fine Homes (NY) stated, “Beyond the home-finding process, we have assisted the transferee by providing names of trusted local service providers, informative DVDs about the local schools and tours of the local districts. We understand how strenuous a move can be and want to help simplify that process for the transferee.”

Much like plate-spinning in a circus act, a good relocation professional can tend to many things at once, making sure everything is moving along swiftly and smoothly — a great relocation professional makes it look easy!  Ask any transferee, and they will tell you that peace of mind is the world’s greatest luxury.

Chuck Garrett, relocation director at Kahala Associates (HI) noted, “Beyond providing top-notch service, it’s also a great way to make friends for life. Recently, one relocation specialist in our Honolulu office, Heather Selvitelle, helped a family relocate to Hawaii. After the dust settled, the client Kay said, ‘What started out as a difficult decision for us, turned into best case scenario because of Heather. We will be indebted to her forever!’.”

Wondering where to find a qualified relocation professional? Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is a global network of 500+ market-leading real estate firms. Among the criteria for joining the network is having dedicated, qualified relocation professionals on staff to assist with relocating clients. Visit www.LeadingRE.com/MemberDirectory to find a relocation specialist in your area.