Smart Appliances that Change a Home

Smart Appliances that Change a Home

These State of the Art Appliances Save Money and Energy

Looking to upgrade your home appliances? Consider these new age appliances that could revolutionize your home. While drones and virtual reality have been dominating coverage of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, everyday home appliances are also about to get a lot of high-tech upgrades.

The Smart Refrigerator

At CES, Samsung debuted its latest refrigerator that offers far more to consumers than just energy savings. It has a touchscreen on the door that allows consumers to control the refrigerator lights, stream music and order groceries right from the screen. It also has a camera that takes a snapshot of the refrigerator’s contents every time a homeowner closes the door. The homeowner can then view it remotely via an app on their phone, tablet or computer. This allows a homeowner who is already at the grocery store and wonders if they have eggs to instantly look on their phone and make a snap decision whether to purchase any given grocery item. No more calling the spouse to ask if we’re out of milk. Other models allow homeowners to knock on the door and the door instantly becomes translucent. To open the door, homeowners need simply to put a foot in front of the refrigerator and it opens on its own. Yet another model from Whirlpool has a “party mode” that programs the fridge to make more ice and chill things faster in advance of a social event.

High-tech Laundry

Beyond the kitchen, LG has developed a smart two-in-one washer/dryer that includes a new home dry cleaning system that shakes clothes over 200 times in a minute in conjunction with a powerful steam generator.

3-D Food Printers

One of the most daring new advances might be the three-dimensional printer. Just as the first commercial microwave took decades to take off, the same might be true of these futuristic devices, depicted as “makers” in the pages of Warren Ellis’s comic book Transmetropolitan. While a handful of printers are commercially available now, the applications for these high-tech tools is almost unlimited. One version creates three-dimensional chocolates that consumers design themselves. Another prototype designed by students in England will print a pizza dough and the toppings and bake them using the same cooking technology as Hasbro’s Easy-Bake Oven.

On the Drawing Board

Other ideas are already in the works. A wristband microwave could use your own body heat to warm up your cooling coffee. Smart utensils can test a food’s freshness and nutrient content. No matter what future you imagined for your home, someone smart is working to make your Jetsons-like future come true.

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