Top Purchases for New Homeowners

– 446 – Top Purchases for New Homeowners


As a Builder, you can use Buyer Feedback to improve your Housing Designs and Features.

What do homeowners usually purchase after buying a home? This is the million-dollar question for marketers and they’ve done a good job of figuring out what people buy (and can be persuaded to buy) after purchasing a home. As a builder, you can reverse-engineer those answers to improve your housing designs and features. Let’s look at some of the top purchases for new homeowners and what those purchases mean.

1. Insulation

Many home buyers will begin working immediately to make their homes more efficient and reduce their energy costs. By properly insulating your home builds in the first place, you’ll make them more attractive to buyers and move more units.

2. Ceiling Fans

Many new home buyers will buy ceiling fans for every room—they’re relatively cheap, easy to install and help with air circulation as well as energy savings. Pre-installing ceiling fans can help you fit these valuable additions into the overall design of the home and can also serve as a visual cue that may help make your homes more attractive and memorable.

3.Programmable Thermostats

This purchase should be a given for you as a builder and/or home designer. These clever modern additions allow homeowners to schedule automatic increases and decreases in their home’s temperature. By pre-installing and programming them, you can ensure that your home build will offer an additional level of comfort and attractiveness to potential buyers.

4. A Systems and Appliances Warranty

Just because a home is new to an owner doesn’t mean something won’t go wrong. Smart home owners cover themselves with a Systems and Appliances Service Agreement, commonly referred to as a home warranty. Service agreements offer an enhanced sense of safety and security that can make a difference if a buyer is waffling between two equivalent properties.

5. Security Elements

New homeowners want to feel safe and be assured that their family is safe as well. At minimum, every new homeowner will change the locks and change the batteries in the smoke detectors. As a builder, you can enhance the security experience by building in high-tech security features that may include a home security system, remote monitoring, enhanced locks and more.

6. Window Treatments and Replacements

One of the first major purchases that new homeowners make is investing in window treatments and replacements. This serves two purposes: creating better energy efficiency as well as letting new owners design the aesthetics of their home. By investing in high-quality windows in your build that adapt well to the overall design of the home, you can make your builds more attractive and potentially save your buyers this step in the process.

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