Top Winter Home Maintenance Hacks

Top Winter Home Maintenance Hacks

Snow Shoveling Hacks, Home Heating Tips and More for Winter

From shoveling snow to keeping your home warm, here are some surprising winter home maintenance hacks that will make surviving winter a whole lot easier.

Use a Leaf Blower to Clear Snow from Your Driveway and Sidewalks

If you’ve never used a leaf blower to clear snow, this hack could change your winter forever for the better. As long as the snow isn’t too wet and heavy this is an incredibly easy way to keep your driveway and sidewalks snow-free.

Snow Removal with a Tarp

Another snow removal hack is to lay a tarp down on sidewalks before a snowfall. If you’re feeling lazy, this might be your method of choice.

Just remember that snow is heavy, so be prepared to put some muscle into this option.

When you do Shovel, Coat Your Shovel with Cooking Oil

For those times when you have to shovel (or if you don’t own a leaf blower), cooking oil will make the chore a bit easier. Simply spray a light coat of cooking oil (any kind will do) onto the shovel.

The snow will slide off easily and you’ll get done faster. Cooking oil is the least toxic option.

Give Your Home an Extra Boost of Heat with Candles

Lighting a bunch of candles won’t increase your home’s temperature that dramatically, but the amount of warmth they do contribute might surprise you. They’ll make your house feel a lot cozier, too.

If you have a fireplace you should also pay attention to how much heat your home gains or loses when you use it. Depending on how cold or windy it is, or how easily drafts can get down the chute, lighting the fireplace could actually cool your home down rather than heat it up.

Cover Your Water Heater with an Insulating Layer

You can purchase water heater blankets at the hardware store, which will help your heater retain heat and lower your energy bills. This can be particularly useful if your water heater is located in a colder part of your home, like a basement or utility room.

Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Running Efficiently

This last tip isn’t as much of a hack as it is a home maintenance necessity. Your HVAC system is under a lot of stress during the colder months, so it’s in your best interest to check that everything is in working order (you can do this on your own or hire a professional).

At the very least, check and clean your filters. Clean your filters once every three months, especially before and during winter when your furnace is working overtime.

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