The U.S.’s Most Popular Home Styles

home styles

home styles

The U.S.’s Most Popular Home Styles

What Are the Most Common Home Styles in the U.S.?

Craftsmans, ranches, colonials… what are the most popular home styles in the United States? There are plenty of house styles to choose from, that’s for certain.

If you need some design inspiration for your next set of home builds this post is sure to give you some ideas.

Craftsman Styles Remain Very Popular

Craftsman-style houses have been popular throughout the country for a long time, and it’s not hard to see why. This home style emphasizes “simplicity, handiwork and natural materials” to create an inviting atmosphere.

Stone details are common, along with open porches and overhung beams and rafters. Another key style element is that structural components are frequently visible.

Ranches Rule the West and Southwest

Single-story ranches are very popular in the western and southwestern portions of the country, but they’re also preferred by Baby Boomers due to the absence of mobility issues moving from one floor to another. If you’re serving this market, building ranch-style homes could be a great business move.

Buyers Also Love Modern-Style Homes

Modern homes are another very common and popular home style in the United States. These homes might use more industrial-type materials, like steel and concrete, but they’re seldom sterile. An attractive modern home will also incorporate nature and have large windows that let natural light flow freely into the home.

Don’t confuse modern with contemporary, though. Contemporary houses tend to emphasize natural and sustainable materials, like bamboo floors. They’re another popular home style, too.

Updated Colonial Style Homes, Also Known as Country Homes

Country homes have many of the same elements as colonial-inspired structures, but they definitely aren’t the same thing.

Country homes stand out with features like windows on both sides of the front door, a row of five windows across the top of the door, dormer windows, big shaded porches, shutters and wood details. These homes are primarily built out of wood and have symmetrical designs.

Are Other Home Styles Popular, Too?

The four architectural styles listed here are just a small sampling of the choices that you have. If you don’t feel that any of these styles would appeal to your buyers, you’re in luck.

If you want to learn even more about what types of home styles are preferred throughout the country, Trulia put together an educational infographic about the country’s most popular home styles based on region.

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