Where’s the Section That Talks About My Granite Countertops?

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– wisdom header sq – Where’s the Section That Talks About My Granite Countertops?

This is a common question Warranty Administration receives not only from homeowners, but also our builder members. A perusal of the Construction Performance Guidelines (CPG) in the warranty booklet makes it evident why this is such a common question – there is no such section. Do you know there are many construction deficiencies not found in the warranty booklet?

What to Do if a Deficiency is Not Listed in the Booklet

As it states in Section X of the warranty booklet, it would be virtually impossible to develop a CPG for every possible deficiency. Additionally, attempting to list every CPG would defeat the purpose of the warranty booklet as a user-friendly document. A common misconception held by some builder members is if the deficiency in question cannot be found in the warranty booklet, it is not covered. Rather, in determining coverage of a deficiency not found in the warranty, the builder/seller should consult the 4th edition of the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Further, if the deficiency cannot be found in the NAHB guidelines, locally accepted trade practices of the construction industry should be considered.

Granite Countertop Construction Deficiencies

To answer the question that started our discussion, a list of construction deficiencies regarding granite and other stone countertops can be found in Section 10-5 of the NAHB book.