Why Some Housing Markets are Hot

Some Housing Markets are Sluggish, Others are Booming—Why? In some regions throughout the country, home builders have slowed down their construction businesses. Certain builders just aren’t doing as many housing starts in 2015, due to a variety of factors. Construction slowed unexpectedly in the beginning of the year, while other regions have fared well in […]

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Create a Personal Brand for Yourself, and Your Real Estate Business

As a real estate agent, there’s a tendency to focus primarily on selling homes when determining where to put your marketing efforts. However, it’s also important to sell yourself and your business. Since you are your business, you must carefully cultivate your own personal brand. Here’s how to do it. Determine your brand Before doing […]

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How to Manage a Real Estate Bidding War

How Real Estate Agents Can Help Home Sellers Get the Most out of a Bidding War If you’re a real estate professional selling property in popular areas, or your region is experiencing a seller’s market, bidding wars are a common occurrence. If your seller has a desirable home in a hot market multiple offers are […]

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Innovative Sales Techniques for Real Estate

Today’s real estate professionals have to overcome the pressures of working in a competitive market damaged by the economic recession and provide potential buyers with more information than ever before, while staying current with innovative technologies that are changing how the market operates. Here are a few new and innovative ideas to help you stay […]

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How to Ease the Minds of First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home can be a worrying, anxiety-filled experience, especially for families buying their first home in a post-recession economy. Knowing this, it’s important for real estate agents to think about their process and approach before they meet with potential buyers so that you can boost confidence in your professional skills, and ultimately increase sales. […]

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