Rising building materials costs and what builders need to know.

Rising Building Materials Costs: What Builders Need to Know | 2-10 Blog

What Builders Need to Know About Rising Material Costs According to a report by the Associated General Contractors of America, steep price hikes have hit a wide range of key building materials used in home construction. From lumber and plywood to steel mill products and fuel, pricier building materials are cutting into contractors’ bottom lines. […]

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Five common construction mistakes

5 Common Construction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | 2-10 Blog

Residential Construction Mistakes You Can Avoid While errors and oversights are a part of every profession, they can be especially costly in the construction business. By avoiding these common construction mistakes, you can improve a home’s quality, comfort and energy efficiency without incurring unwieldy costs. Running ductwork through unconditioned attics: According to the NAHB Research […]

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Get Paid Every Time

Builders: Get Paid Every Time | 2-10 Blog

Proactive Tips to Make Sure You Get Paid Just about every builder has at least one story about a client who took ages to pay. To make sure you are fully compensated for your projects, consider these proactive tips for protecting your interests so you can get paid every time. Set clear terms. Spoken agreements […]

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How to retain your best subcontractors and employees to help your business grow

Retaining The Best Subcontractors & Employees | 2-10 Blog

Finding Great Help is a Major Contributor to Business Growth It’s not easy to find reliable help, but once you do, it pays to keep them loyal. So how do you keep good employees and subcontractors coming back to work for you again and again? The following tips will make your best employees want to […]

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How to bid on residential construction projects the easy way

Bidding on Residential Construction Projects | 2-10 Blog

Making the Bidding Process Easier Bidding on new projects can be time consuming and frustrating. You don’t want to underbid and lose money, and you certainly don’t want to overbid and lose the project. Bidding doesn’t have to be so difficult, though. How can you make the bidding process easier, and what tools will help […]

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Adding More Windows in New Home Builds | 2-10 Blog

Best Windows to Add Outdoor Light to Your Building Projects An essential part of any home, windows provide warmth, light and ventilation. At the same time, the right windows help define the style of a house, whether it’s traditional, contemporary or a unique design all its own. To meet a growing demand for aesthetically interesting […]

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