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warranty partner.

We're excited to be a home warranty partner for HomeServices of Nebraska!

So, what does this partnership really mean? It means you get to work with the leading home warranty company offering both structural warranties for new construction homes and systems & appliances home warranties for new and existing homes.

With nearly 40 years of industry-leading experience, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) prides itself on providing unparalleled coverage and exceptional experiences for homeowners.

claims paid

97.5% of service requests
approved and paid

service rating

4.3 out of 5 star
overall service rating


Structural and systems & appliances
home warranties


BBB accredited with an
"A" rating


Member of the National Home Service
Contract Association

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Download our partnership flyer for information on the benefits of using our products and services.



Make sure to download our Service Agreement to see your area's complete coverage details.



Learn how 2-10 HBW provides home warranty protection for your customers' entire house, all under one roof.

Coverage and experiences

that make homeowners and agents smile.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty proudly offers the industry's easiest to use and understand home warranty. 2-10 HBW believes in providing simple, easy and transparent coverage that's there when your clients need it, coupled with exclusive offers and programs that keep them smiling. By working with 2-10 HBW, your clients will see the value of their home warranty, and the agent who recommended it.

air conditioner

Air Conditioner

included in Buyer coverage at no additional cost

all kitchen appliances

All Kitchen Appliances

including refrigerator with ice maker at no additional cost

Make sure you're providing your clients with

unparalleled home warranty coverage

from 2-10 HBW.

washer and dryer

Washer & Dryer

included in Buyer coverage at no additional cost


Complimentary* Seller Coverage

for all appliances with a $70 or less A/C and Heat Pump option

* Complimentary until closing, where allowed by law.

2-10 HBW's industry exclusive coverage, offers and programs will make you and your homeowners smile.

hello coverage

Hello Coverage

2-10 HBW's industry exclusive program educating homeowners on their home warranty coverage, so you don't have to.


Concierge Service

Our dedicated Customer Experience team focuses solely on timely resolution of escalated claims.

'Even If' Service Fee Guarantee

If an item is not eligible for coverage, and 2-10 HBW dispatched a contractor, reimbursement of the service fee may be requested. In addition, if the same part fails again within the term of the home warranty, up to 365 days, another service fee will not be due.

SEER matching

SEER Matching

If necessary when affecting a repair, 2-10 HBW will bring the entire HVAC system up to the current required SEER efficiency level.

unlimited refrigerants

Unlimited Refrigerants

2-10 HBW covers the entire cost of all refrigerants - with no dollar limits per pound - covering as many pounds as needed. We also cover necessary retrofitting for system compatibility and compliance with SEER standards.


Appliance Discount Program

Provides homeowners exclusive discounts up to 65% off large and small GE® & Whirlpool® brand appliances.

appliance replacement offer

Appliance Replacement Offer

After a homeowner requests service for an appliance, they may choose to continue with the service request or opt to utilize the Appliance Replacement Offer. If the homeowner chooses the Appliance Replacement Offer, a service contractor will not be dispatched and the homeowner will not pay a service fee. When the homeowner replaces the broken appliance with a brand-new appliance, and submits a receipt, 2-10 HBW will provide a $100 reimbursement.



Download your 2-10 HBW home warranty to see even more coverage detail.

Benefits of

Buyer and Seller coverage

Home warranties benefit Buyers, Sellers and agents alike. In general, a home warranty provides budget protection for both Sellers and Buyers against expensive repairs for unexpected failures during the listing period and after the home is purchased.


Homes with a Service Agreement sell on average for $2,300 more and spend 11 days fewer on the market**

Complimentary* Seller coverage differentiates your listings in a competitive market, helping homes sell faster and for more money.** Seller coverage establishes a record of coverage on the home that is transferable to the Buyer.

Providing Seller and Buyer coverage helps agents streamline negotiations during the transaction and limit post-closing disputes by instilling confidence that the home has been taken care of and protection is in place after closing.


 All warranties are transferable between homeowners

* Complimentary until closing, where allowed by law.
**A National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and 2-10 HBW co-sponsored survey.

resource download


Learn more about Buyer and Seller benefits for your clients with our Buyer/Seller Benefits flyer.

2-10 warranty

Structural Warranties

and protecting new construction homes


2-10 HBW is the industry-leading provider of structural warranties for new construction homes and systems & appliances warranties for new and existing homes. Did you know that structural warranties are fully transferable and help differentiate your listings to potential Buyers? Ensure the new construction homes you sell today have a 2-10 HBW structural warranty by working with the builder to become a 2-10 HBW builder member, and reap the benefits as an agent when it's time to list that home in the future.

Buyers of new construction homes may have a false sense of security since their systems and appliances are brand new. With a 68% chance of a home's systems or appliances failing within a year,** it's important to provide your new construction home buyers with systems and appliances home warranty coverage as well.

1 in 7 homes

1 in 7 new homes has a structural warranty from 2-10 HBW


**A National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and 2-10 HBW co-sponsored survey.



Learn how 2-10 HBW's structural warranties and systems & appliances warranties benefit agents selling new construction homes.



Make sure you understand the benefits of, and differences between, homeowners insurance, structural warranties and systems & appliances home warranties.

Industry exclusive

Hello Coverage


We know that homeowners who understand their home warranty, and how to use it, make for happy customers. Happy customers give their agents more referrals. We also know that most real estate professionals don't have time to educate their clients on the details of their coverage. That's why 2-10 HBW developed the industry exclusive Hello Coverage program - we're educating homeowners on their home warranty coverage so you don't have to!

hello coveragehello coverage

Hello Coverage provides homeowners with an opportunity to speak with a Warranty Specialist about their home warranty coverage, as well as providing ongoing educational emails, maintenance tips, valuable appliance discounts and more.



Learn more about Hello Coverage and the benefits it provides your Buyers!

Agent Portal

Getting started in

Agent Portal

The 2-10 HBW Agent Portal is your tool for enrolling, modifying or converting coverage, managing your active enrollments, ordering Service Agreements and downloading free personalized marketing tools, newsletters for your clients, open house toolkits and more.

You're in luck! We've created your Agent Portal account for you and logging in is easy! Simply refer back to the first email in our partnership series for instructions on how to access your account or call Agent Services at 800.795.9595 for assistance.

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Agent Portal also has Super User functionality for Office Administrators or Transaction Coordinators to make enrollments on an agent's behalf. To enable on Super User functionality your account, please call Agent Services at 800.795.9595.


For even more information on using Agent Portal or Super User functionality, visit our Agent Portal tutorial page or download our user guides below.



Download our Agent Portal User Guide for quick tips to get started!



Read our Super User Guide for more details on Agent Portal's Admin Tools and Super User functionality!