Home Automation Relieves Stress for Homeowners

home automation

What is Home Automation and What Are the Benefits? Have you ever heard the term “home automation”? It’s a trend that’s rising in popularity, and for good reason. Also referred to as smart home technology or domotics, home automation can save homeowners time while relieving stress. What is home automation? Comcast provides a straightforward definition […]

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HVAC Maintenance and Upkeep Tips for Homeowners

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems really are your home’s best defense against the cold of winter and the heat of summer. An efficient and effective way to heat and cool your home, HVAC systems are mechanically complex. Because performance is critical to any HVAC system, whether it’s fossil-fuel, electric or gas powered, regularly scheduled maintenance is something every […]

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Home Renovations: Planning a Kitchen Remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Project

Remodeling and updating your kitchen is a huge project. It’s also one of the most popular and potentially expensive home renovations you’ll ever make. Today, we’ll share three kitchen remodel tips to help you make this massive undertaking worthwhile. 1. A kitchen remodel requires planning The most important thing you’ll need to do is begin […]

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Guide to Childproofing Your Home

– 740 – Guide to Childproofing Your Home

How to Childproof Your Entire House, Room by Room Whether you’re expecting, are already a new parent or just want to keep your loved ones’ small children safe in your home, you’ll need to learn a few things about childproofing your house. Your home is likely full of hazards, many that you probably aren’t even […]

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10 Ways to Update Your Home Lighting

– 440 – 10 Ways to Update Your Home Lighting

Tired of Having the Same Dull or Florescent Lighting in your Home? Tired of having the same dull or florescent lighting in your home? Updating your home’s lighting can not only make it more enjoyable to live in, but also boosts your home’s resale value. More importantly, updating your home lighting can significantly change the […]

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Smart Appliances that Change a Home

Smart Appliances that Change a Home

These State of the Art Appliances Save Money and Energy Looking to upgrade your home appliances? Consider these new age appliances that could revolutionize your home. While drones and virtual reality have been dominating coverage of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, everyday home appliances are also about to get a lot […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

– 565 e – Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Spring is Here, Which Means it’s Time for Spring Cleaning! Spring is here, which means it’s time for spring cleaning. Here are a few tips for homeowners to fix up the house and add value. Wash Your Windows Be sure to pick a cloudy day to wash windows. If it’s too hot and sunny, your […]

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TV Homes and the Impact on Home Design Trends

– 417 blog 1 – TV Homes and the Impact on Home Design Trends

Mainstream TV is a huge influence on US culture. Many times the TV homes we see on our favorite shows can have an impact on our design ideas and trends. How has mainstream television influenced the housing marketing in the past and present in this way? Let’s look at some homes shown on popular television […]

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Spring Cleaning – Time to Brighten Up Your House

– 555 e – Spring Cleaning - Time to Brighten Up Your House

Make Your House Stand Out for Spring with These Tips Winter is over and spring will be in full bloom before we know it. Why not give your home a bit of TLC to shake off the doldrums? Here’s what you can do to brighten up your home after a long, cold winter. Start Simple […]

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20 Most Common Staging Mistakes

– 800 r – 20 Most Common Staging Mistakes

Avoid These Home Staging Mistakes to Sell Faster If you want your home to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers, you’ll need to make staging a priority. Buyers may not have the same home decor tastes as you do or their living situations may be different; staging well allows them to visualize their […]

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