What is the HVAC Plus option?

Offered nationwide (except Arizona and Texas), 2-10 HBW’s HVAC Plus option offers Buyer Coverage up to $1,000 for costs related to government regulations and code violations. Every year, local, state and federal governments and contract licensing boards enhance and increase regulations. These regulations have only increased year over year, leaving homeowners with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of extra expenses above and beyond just fixing the failed HVAC equipment.

If purchased, the HVAC Plus option will only be used in relation to a repair that has been authorized by 2-10 HBW under the Home Warranty Service Agreement. A homeowner cannot place a service request solely for a code upgrade.

Matching Requirements (for AHRI states only)

When replacing a condenser or air handler separately, the requirement (which can be applied differently county by county) is that the new unit functions efficiently with or “matches” the old unit. If the unit to be replaced is provided by the same manufacturer as the working unit, and the manufacturer provides a letter stating its compatibility, capacity and efficiency, the units are considered a match.

Condenser and air handler units can also be matched through their certified ratings as provided by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), which is involved in the SEER certification process. One of those two options must be applied for the service contractor to complete the repair/replacement.