2-10 HBW covers so much

Monica C.
Customer for over 20 years
I purchased my new house in 1993. The builder paid for the first 2 years of the 2-10 HBW warranty. I continued with the warranty from 1995 to the present. I have had the 2-10 HBW for 21 years. My first claim was in 2001. That was 8 years paying with no claim. See, this never has bothered me of paying and not using a service. I just want to know that WHENEVER I need the service, it is prompt and reliable. 2-10 HBW has been excellent and a well-deserved 100% satisfaction from me. All their contractors are reputable and knowledgeable. Yes, as my house has gotten older, I have had more smaller claims and 2-3 large claims. The warranty has been a “bill-saver” as it saved me from having a bill. 2-10 HBW provided me with a NEW hot water heater and paid 90% for a NEW refrigerator with filtered water and ice. (NOTE: It would have been 100% if I hadn’t chosen the filtered water and ice feature.)

When I tell folks I have a warranty with 2-10 HBW, they tell me that it does not justify the annual cost and service fee with repairs. I tell them you have been paying for car insurance all your life (20, 30, 40, 50 years) and may have had only 1-2 accidents in that time frame. So, your car insurance provides assurance if you ever got in an accident, you are covered. That’s what the 2-10 HBW means to me. It covers so much. Other warranties do not cover all that 2-10 HBW covers. I suggest that you get with 2-10 HBW because you need to know that you are covered from major ‘unexpected’ bills. They are coming. You can choose to have the expected small bill of the 2-10 HBW or the larger unexpected bill of a major repair. I chose the 2-10 HBW. Thanks so much.