2-10 HBW gained our loyalty years ago…

Lee & Cathy B.

2-10 HBW gained our loyalty years ago when we were really struggling. My 25 year old daughter was going through chemo treatments from breast cancer, and my 60 year old sister-in-law was staying with us going through chemo for lung cancer (I can’t make this up). We were experiencing extreme and dangerous temperatures for multiple days. The thermostat read over 100 degrees upstairs, and the air conditioner went out. I ran to Lowe’s to purchase every fan I could find, and all it did was spin the hot air around the room. My daughter and sister in law were too weak and too ill to move to the lower level, so I called 2-10 HBW and told them about my situation. I was in dire need of assistance and I needed someone to come out that day, I was in no way able to wait the 24 hours. The operator was so understanding, so kind and had excellent customer service skills. She kept me on the phone, found a company close by who also understood the severity of my dilemma and we were cooling off approx. 4 hours later. I never mentioned to you that my sister-in-law was a Catholic Nun, who told me she would pray for divine intervention. And it came — 2-10 HBW came to her prayers and helped our family out. We are forever grateful.