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I can just call or contact 2-10 HBW and it is resolved

Rodolfo G.
I have used our 2-10 HBW warranty about three times. Each time 2-10 HBW has given me a repair representative to contact, I have found that they have all been prompt and professional. In addition, each serviceman has years of experience and is very knowledgeable of the problem. I have been retired for three years and this is our first new home. I love the feeling of knowing that, if any issues arise with any of our appliances, I can just call or contact 2-10 HBW and it is resolved! I would definitely recommend your service.

Recently while watering I was hearing a loud rumbling noise coming from the central air compressor unit. After my call to 2-10 HBW, the repair contractor came and discovered that the actual air compressor was failing. The part needed was not locally available, and I later received an e-mail message that a replacement compressor had been found and was sent to the repairman’s company. The following day the repairman called and said he would be at my home by noon to replace the unit. The repairman was professional and neat at doing his work. The temperatures have been at 100 degrees plus since then and the house has been comfortable, and my wife has been happy!