2-10 Blog

We don’t have to worry about costly repairs

Laura B. 
When I first purchased my house 10 years ago, it came with a 2-10 HBW warranty. One month later, my air conditioner stopped working. I called 2-10 HBW and they came right out and replaced the computer board. Because it was fully covered, nearly a $1000.00 repair job was free. As a single woman at the time, I was extremely glad to not have to come up with the cash.  I continued to renew the warranty and have found that it more than pays for itself throughout the course of a year. I’m married now and continue to renew the warranty so that my husband and I can rest easy knowing that we don’t have to worry about costly repairs. 2-10 HBW works to provide courteous service representatives. Now that we are getting older, it gives us great peace of mind to know that 2-10 HBW is there.