2-10 Blog

I was very happy with the outcome

Synthia R.
On a Sunday night my daughter came home from and work woke me up, and said there was a lot of water going down my driveway.  I went outside and opened my garage, and water was gushing from my water heater. Next day we had no hot water. Ugh!!!  Went online first thing in the morning and filed a claim, and someone called me later on that day and said I was eligible. They [2-10 HBW] had left a message at my house instead of calling me at work so I wasn’t able to call the people [2-10 HBW] until the next day.

I made an appointment and they came out and checked my heater to see what needed to be ordered, then came out the next day came and replaced it. Everything got fixed by Friday. While it took awhile and I had to pay for some things, I was very happy with the outcome. I have now increased my coverage so if I have another claim everything will be covered. Thank you.