I totally trust 2-10 HBW to choose reputable companies

Patricia C.
My story occurred a few years back when I had a problem with my clothes dryer not working. The dryer was only a few years old, so it was odd that it would not turn on. We called 2-10 HBW and they promptly connected us with a repair company who scheduled an appointment to repair the dryer. We had a very negative experience with the first repairman that was sent out and the dryer stopped working on the very next load.

I called 2-10 HBW and explained the attitude of the serviceman. They were very understanding and sent out another repair man from another company. This service man was great and he found that the other serviceman had switched things around on the electrical panel that could have caused a fire. This person was competent and understanding, as were the 2-10 HBW representatives. The 2-10 HBW representatives followed up with additional phone calls to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. They assured me that they would no longer utilize the services of the first company. I understand that these things happen in life, but 2-10 HBW did not accept compromised quality of their contracted service people and I appreciate that.

I totally trust 2-10 HBW to choose reputable companies. We have requested service for other items since this experience and they all have been without issues and of excellent service. Thank you 2-10 HBW!