In 15 years, we've had nothing but pleasant experiences

Danny B.
We’ve been with 2-10 HBW since 2001 and are about to enter our 15th year renewing our Service Agreement.
Ever since we started with 2-10 HBW, we’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences.
Here is some of the value we got from our Service Agreement:

  • Garbage Disposal (Replaced)
  • Air Conditioner Compressor (Replaced)
  • Dishwasher (Replaced)
  • Bathroom Toilet Shutoff Valves (Replaced)
  • And more

The bottom line is that even though there is an annual cost and a minimal service fee per visit, 2-10 HBW has always been there for us and has saved us a lot of money in the long run. We’d highly recommend 2-10 HBW to anyone desiring excellent homeowner coverage.