It was a wonderful experience

Robert W.
“Honey, there’s water on the garage floor!” And so it began.

I had wanted to exchange my propane water heater for an electric one, but the propane heater was still running well. One fine morning, that all changed. After hearing about the spill from my wife, I thought “Now for the battle! Time to call 2-10 HBW and yell and scream on the phone for an hour.” I don’t remember the name of the customer service representative, but yelling and screaming were unnecessary.

When I explained what happened and what I wanted, she put me on hold for a short time. When she came back, she said they had a service contractor who would do the exchange and that we could have cash for the “repair” of the old unit. I was so relieved. The contractor came that afternoon, performed the repair including some minor wire modifications, and a few weeks later we got a check. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I could have spent days without hot water for bathing and dishes. Thank you, 2-10 HBW.