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The next day, someone was at my house

Michael F.
This summer when it was time to have our A/C service done, another service provider said they were too busy, but to turn it on when we needed to and if there was a problem they would come out and fix it without extra cost. I made my appointment for the next month, but three days before they were to come, we had a very hot spell and the A/C didn’t work so I gave them a call. They took three more days to come out and then told me it would cost about $1,700.00 to fix, $790.00 with the appliance warranty. My husband had just been laid off, and there was no way A/C were more important bills to pay, so we opened the windows. About a month later we were thinking about our 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty®, and wondered if it would cover the repair. I called and the young man said, “No problem,” and the next day someone was at my house. They fixed my A/C and it cost me $50 parts and $50 for the service fee. Thank you so much.