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Always friendly and very knowledgeable

Molly B.
When we purchased our home 11 years ago, our builder took out the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty ® warranty. If my memory is correct, after the warranty that he purchased ran out, we decided it would be beneficial for us to keep it. Since then we have continued to buy the warranty because it has saved us (in the long run) a lot of money at times when we did not have the money on-hand to pay for repairs. Even though it is hard for us to come up with the money on a fixed income, we hope we can continue purchasing the warranty. The customer service representatives and the repair technicians 2-10 HBW sends to do the repairs are always friendly and very knowledgeable with what is wrong with the appliance being repaired. Thank you, 2-10 HBW for giving me the opportunity to share this.