Without 2-10 HBW I really don’t think I could own a home

Tracy A. 
When I first bought my house 12 years ago I was worried because while I knew I could always make my house payment, I wasn’t sure about repairs. A friend told me to ask the seller to include home warranty insurance [a Service Agreement] with the house and he did for a year. I renewed it the next year and have every year since. I have friends who let theirs lapse and, boy, did they regret it. With easy monthly payments it’s crazy not to have it. I tell everyone I know about 2-10 HBW and urge them to get it for themselves.

I’ve done the math and I think over the years I may have come out $50 ahead. Even if I came out a little in the hole though it would be worth it. My A/C went out and 2-10 HBW had it fixed quickly, and of course it was the height of the summer heat when it went out. Now I know an A/C system costs at least $3,000. I never could have come up with that amount but I can come up with my monthly payment. Without 2-10 HBW I really don’t think I could own a home. Whew! It’s such a relief to know these guys have my back.