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Over 80% of structural defects are caused by movements of soil under the foundation.

2-10 HBW Builders

Protect Your Business and Your Home Buyers with Our Structural Home Warranty Coverage.


The Johnsons are smart shoppers looking to purchase a home from a quality builder, like you. Watch as they go through the process and learn about the importance of buying a home from a builder that includes a 3rd party, insurance-backed 10 year structural home warranty.

2-10 HBW Structural Warranties


Reduce your risk with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® structural home warranty coverage. This coverage ensures that builders are protected and increases the overall value of the home in a competitive market. Paying out over $250 million in structural defect claims, 2-10 HBW has helped our builders protect their business and customers.

Our warranties are HUD-approved and fully transferable. We provide the most comprehensive risk management programs in the industry.

  • 2-10 HBW Stuctural Warranty
  • Manufactured and Modular Home Warranty Programs
  • Strategic Insurance Alliances
  • Remodeler’s Home Improvement Warranty
  • Construction Lender Warranty
  • Light Commercial Warranty
  • New Construction System and Appliance Home Service Agreement
  • Florida Foundation Stabilization Projects
  • 2-10 HBW Stuctural Warranty

    Gain the confidence of your buyers with our structural warranties, protecting properties right from the closing day.

  • Manufactured and Modular Home Warranty Programs

    Our Manufactured warranty provides 10-year coverage against qualifying structural defects in load-bearing components – from the frame up. The Modular Home Warranty provides 10-year structural coverage from the sill plate up. Both products can be upgraded to full 2-10 coverage if the home is placed on a permanent foundation by a Builder/Dealer if they are a member of the 2-10HBW program.

  • Strategic Insurance Alliances

    2-10 HBW offers programs designed to meet your specific commercial general liability needs for residential home construction. 2-10 HBW has formed strategic alliances with a number of Commercial General Liability carriers that offer discounted premiums for builders that are members of 2-10 HBW and use insurance backed structural warranties on all of their homes.

  • Remodeler’s Home Improvement Warranty

    Stand out in a competitive remodeling business market by backing your business with our Remodeler’s Warranty.

  • Construction Lender Warranty

    Get the most comprehensive coverage on newly constructed, never-been-occupied homes, starting on the day of closing.

  • Light Commercial Warranty

    Safely break into the light commercial business with this warranty, designed for long-time light commercial builders or contractors, or home builders new to the industry.

  • New Construction System and Appliance Home Service Agreement

    Offer your home buyers extra protection with the 2-10 HBW extended warranty coverage on major systems and appliances.

  • Florida Foundation Stabilization Projects

    Created for members of the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists to provide coverage on the contractor’s foundation for 10 full years.

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Builders who become a member with 2-10 HBW benefit from:

  • Insurance-backed, limited warranty protection from frame to foundation
  • The largest national home warranty program with coverage on homes for structural defects that make the home unsanitary, unsafe or otherwise unlivable
  • A full ten years of qualified structural warranty coverage from the date of closing
  • No mandatory builder deductibles
  • A New Construction Home Service Agreement for buyers
  • Warranties that are accepted for FHA, VA and RHS financing
  • Transferable warranties
  • Binding arbitration

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      In today’s business environment, building and remodeling professionals who actively seek a competitive edge provide construction warranties. Warranties can promote brand recognition, serve as a marketing tool, and be used as a dispute resolution device.

      –National Association of Home Builders
    • icon_testimonials_homeowners

      I have been very pleased with my decision to put my own home under 2-10 HBW’s program, even though my home is relatively new. Having a home warranty service agreement is being prepared for what might happen. Even if you never need to make the call to have something repaired you have peace of mind throughout that time frame to relax knowing the “what ifs” are covered

      –Dave K.