virtual reality

Could Virtual Reality Help Real Estate Agents?

Could Virtual Reality Help Real Estate Agents Sell Homes? How Real Estate Agents Can Use Virtual Reality to Sell More Homes New virtual reality (VR) headsets are arriving on the market constantly, and many real estate agents believe that the …


internal migration

What Internal Migration Means for Home Builders

What Decreasing Internal Migration Means For Home Builders The Reduction in Internal Migration Impacts Home Builders Studies have shown that internal migration (the rate at which people relocate within the U.S.) has been declining steeply in recent years.  The National …


baby boomers

House Plans Baby Boomers Love & Other Buyers Don’t

The House Plan Baby Boomers Love and Younger Generations Don’t Why Millennials Don’t Prefer Ranch-Style Houses Recent studies from the National Association of Home Builders’ “Eye on Housing” have found that the majority of all homeowners in the U.S. prefer …


2-10 HBW came through for us

Herbert P. About two years ago, our air conditioner stopped working when the temperature outside was over 95 degrees. The unit was not repairable, so 2-10 HBW came in and replaced the entire A/C quickly. We were so grateful we …


How to Handle a Botched Bathroom Remodel

How to Handle a Botched Bathroom Remodel Learn How to Fix Some of the Most Common Bathroom Remodeling Problems From bad plumbing to uneven tile, a lot can go wrong when you’re remodeling your bathroom. Here are four of the …


cool roof

Cool Roofs Help Homeowners Save Money

Cool Roofs Help Homeowners Save Money! How a Cool Roof Helps your Home be More Energy Efficient A “Cool Roof” is designed to absorb less heat and subsequently keep your house at a lower temperature naturally. The cool roof can …


I am glad I switched to 2-10 HBW

Alison M. I had an excellent experience with 2-10 HBW assisting me with a service request. The service I received was friendly and prompt. They kept me informed at each step. The service contractor that was dispatched was very courteous, …