pet odors

Tips to Eliminate Pet Odors from Homes

5 Tips to Eliminate Pet Odors from Homes Lingering pet odors can kill a home sale, especially when they originate from urine. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for agents to broach these sensitive subjects with sellers who may have gone …


social media

Does Social Media Use Improve Home Sales?

Can Social Media Tools, Like Facebook Live, Improve Home Sales? How Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat Can Help Real Estate Agents Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat are three popular ways for people to broadcast live events across social media. They …


home styles

The U.S.’s Most Popular Home Styles

The U.S.’s Most Popular Home Styles What Are the Most Common Home Styles in the U.S.? Craftsmans, ranches, colonials… what are the most popular home styles in the United States? There are plenty of house styles to choose from, that’s …


home automation

Home Automation: What Builders Need to Know

Home Automation: What Builders Need to Know How to Wire a Home for Automation, and More Home automation is on the rise, thanks to smart home technology that can control the home’s temperature, the security and everything in between. Many …


Homeowners Guide to Avoiding Mechanics Liens

A Homeowner’s Guide to Avoiding Mechanic’s Liens What Are Mechanic’s Liens? Mechanic’s liens are used by subcontractors and suppliers, and they represent a legal claim against property that has been remodeled or improved. It might sound like a simple concept, …



Homemade and Green Household Cleaners

Homemade, DIY Cleaners for the Whole Home These DIY Home Cleaners Are Effective and Easy to Make Store-bought cleaners are full of extra chemicals that you might not want in your home. Thankfully, making your own homemade cleaning solutions is …


real estate

5 New Ways to Get Real Estate Leads

5 Innovative Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads Try These Unique Real Estate Lead Generation Tips Are you an agent looking to grow your real estate business… but you aren’t quite sure where you can find more leads? It’s …