How to sell a mountain house in winter or summertime

Selling a Mountain Home in Winter or Summer

Mountain Homes: Selling in Winter vs. Summer  Seasonal Considerations When Selling Mountain Homes When you think about the vacation homes your clients are selling or buying, it’s likely that you think about homes in warm, tropical locations. However, many people …


Understanding GMP contracts.

Understanding GMP Contracts | 2-10 Blog

Understanding GMP Contracts What Homeowners Should Know About GMP Contracts Guaranteed maximum price contracts (GMPs) are attractive options for homeowners seeking to hire contractors. Here are the pros and cons of GMP contracts. Why They Are Used When it comes …


Where to Find the Best Subcontractors | 2-10 Blog

Where to Find the Best Subcontractors and Employees Hiring Tips Builders Can Use to Find Reliable Subcontractors With the skilled labor shortage, finding quality subcontractors and employees can be difficult. To make things trickier, some schools and certifications only focus …


Mortgage rates are rising and impacting HELOCs, ARMs and more

The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates | 2-10 Blog

Mortgage Rates Are Rising, Now What? While analysts debate how the federal funds rate increase will impact the housing market, there’s little question about how it will affect people who already have adjustable rate mortgages and Home Equity Lines of …