Real Estate Agents – What to Know About Selling Multi-Unit Homes | 2-10 Blog

Your Guide to Successfully Selling Multi-Family Housing Selling a multi-unit residence is far more difficult than selling a single-family home. Real estate agents who would like to sell duplex, triplex or another type of multi-unit housing need to understand the details that go into these types of transactions. If you’re ready to tackle a new […]

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4 (Effective) Cold Calling Tips for Real Estate Agents | 2-10 Blog

Cold Calling Strategies for Highly Effective Real Estate Agents Cold calling can still be an effective way to grow your real estate business. Here are 4 tips to use the next time you pick up the phone. Be sure to note which techniques and tactics are most effective for your unique business, so that you […]

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Selling New Construction: What Agents Need to Know | 2-10 Blog

Why Home Buyers Need a Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing a New Construction Home Selling new construction homes is a great way to expand your real estate business, but buying from a builder is quite different than helping clients buy a resale home. Learn about the key differences in selling new construction, how to partner with […]

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How to Help Sellers Better Understand Buyers | 2-10 Blog

Helping Sellers Understand Why Their Home Isn’t Selling Selling a house can be an emotional experience for some of your clients. They may have accumulated years, or even decades, of happy memories inside their beloved home. This nostalgia can make it difficult to assess the home from a potential buyer’s perspective. Sellers can benefit from […]

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5 Essential Tips to Help Your Real Estate Assistant Thrive | 2-10 Blog

How to Set Your Real Estate Assistant up for Success Your new real estate assistant needs mentorship and training to excel at their job, but that’s not all. They also need clear objectives, a path for growth and more. Here are five helpful tips you can use to make sure your assistant is equipped to […]

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What Should Home Buyers Expect During Closing? | 2-10 Blog

Preparing Your Real Estate Clients for Closing Closing day is an exciting time for home buyers especially when things go smoothly. Unfortunately, it can also generate a lot of stress if they don’t know what to expect. Help your buyers feel less anxious about one of the biggest transactions of their lives with this real […]

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