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Work with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) for industry-leading coverage.

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When something goes wrong with a home, it can be expensive and inconvenient.

7 out of 10 homes

will experience a system or appliance failure during the course of a year.

The benefits of a home warranty to real estate professionals

Transaction Protection

Happy Clients

Time Savings

As a real estate agent, provide budget protection for your Sellers and Buyers to safeguard your transactions. By protecting your clients’ biggest investment, you are also protecting your time and business. Now you can stop taking calls about appliance failures and homeowner claims, and instead, spend your time achieving your sales goals.

Offer home warranty protection that is simple and economical



Systems & Appliances

Coverage for major appliances (including refrigerator with ice maker), heating, plumbing and electrical.



Systems & Appliances

Coverage for major appliances (including refrigerator with ice maker), HVAC, water heater, electrical, plumbing and more.

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Create an Agent Portal account and login to start enrolling homes.

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Choose to add Seller coverage during the listing period or Buyer coverage at closing. Seller coverage may be transferred to the Buyer by converting to Buyer coverage at closing.

You've Protected Your Client

You've protected your clients' biggest investment! Now rest easy knowing 2-10 HBW will provide superior home warranty coverage and service level for your homeowners when an unexpected systems and appliances breakdown occurs.

Partner with the industry-leader that provides real protection for you, and your clients.

Check out our coverage at-a-glance to learn more about our unique coverage and programs, and how you’ll benefit by using a 2-10 HBW home warranty when buying or selling a home.

2-10 HBW pays

97.5% of claims

4.1 out of 5 star

Average overall service rating

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is the value of seller coverage when a home is being sold?
What is the value of buyer coverage when a home is being sold?
7 out of 10 homes will experience a system or appliance failure within one year. A systems and appliances home warranty is one of the best forms of budget protection you can offer your Buyers to protect them, and their largest investment, from unexpected breakdowns. For more information on why a home warranty is important for the buyer, seller, and even the real estate agent, go to our Real Estate Warranty page.
How can I get buyer or seller coverage?
If you're interested in protecting your seller or buyer with a home warranty, visit Agent Portal to enroll the property or call Agent Services at 800.795.9595.
When is my client's home warranty active?
Buyer coverage begins at the close of sale and continues for one year from that date. Seller coverage, where allowed by law, is for the listing period and begins immediately upon notification of enrollment.
Who pays for the home warranty when a home is sold?
The home warranty may be paid for by the agent, seller or buyer, and is typically paid with funds collected at closing.

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