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Walt’s Corner gives you access to over a dozen articles written by Walt Keaveny that focus on the subject of structural claims and technical risk management. Walt Keaveny is the Risk Manager, Underwriting Manager, and Principal Engineer for 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), with over 30 years of diverse engineering experience.

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Ultimate Guide to STOP Basement Water Leaks

Water is a home's greatest enemy. This article may help to identify the source of water to stop
the leak.

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Home Builders' Perfect Storm

Despite builders' best efforts and intentions, perfect storms will happen. Learn how three catastrophic case histories could have been avoided.

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Nightmare on Overwhelmed Street

We know that seasoned home builders have all experienced "nightmare" projects over their careers. Learn how to protect yourself and sleep well at night.

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Let’s Talk Dirt

Fill dirt is the most important structural component of a home, and is the leading cause of new home structural failures.

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Misconceptions of the Common Crack

The No. 1 homeowner complaint is visible cracks. This article gives you the tools to address homeowner concerns.

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Geotechnical Investigation: Deal or Dud?

In most cases building homes without a geotechnical investigation is like being blindfolded and swinging at a piñata. You can't see what you're doing and hope for the best. Learn the benefits of a geotechnical investigation and when one is needed.


Mr. Keaveny

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Mr. Keaveny is the Risk Manager, Underwriting Manager, and Principal Engineer for the leading new home warranty company, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Geological Engineering and a Masters in Geotechnical Engineering. He is licensed as both a Professional Engineer and a Professional Geoscientist, and has over 30 years of diverse engineering experience. He serves on the Construction Performance Standards Committee for the Texas Association of Builders, and is an invited speaker and author. Mr. Keaveny's work on the subject of structural claims has been published in major newspapers and has drawn international interest.


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