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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) is the industry-leading administrator of structural warranties.

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10-year structural warranty coverage that starts at closing

A structural warranty administered by 2-10 HBW helps you maximize your bottom line potential on every home you build. It can also help you reduce risks while enhancing your reputation and value proposition with home buyers. Even better, 2-10 HBW helps you build trust and confidence with your buyers, which lets you get back to what you do best: building quality homes.

What is a structural warranty?

A structural warranty provides performance guidelines and warranty coverage for a home’s workmanship, distribution systems, and load-bearing structural components. Structural warranties offer valuable protection for builders and homeowners alike by defining coverage, setting clear expectations, and providing support and guidance should a defect occur. Structural warranties are an extremely valuable risk management tool for all parties, where the builder is the insured and the homeowner is the beneficiary.

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Overview of the warranties

Workmanship warranty

Quality is important, especially in a new home. The workmanship warranty establishes standards applicable to the fit, finish, and materials that builders use when constructing a home. Commonly used across industries, fit refers to how well the parts of the finished product come together, while finish refers to the completeness of the work.

Overview of items covered:

Roof covering, cabinets, countertops, door panels, exterior siding, hardwood floors, basement floor, ceramic tile, drywall, interior trim, carpet, paint, and fireplace

Distribution systems warranty

Many essential plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems operate behind the walls. The distribution systems warranty establishes standards for these systems in the home. It addresses wiring, piping, and ductwork within the new home.

Overview of items covered:

Supply piping, waste piping, ductwork, and electrical wiring

Structural warranty

Even the best builders with no record of structural defects can face unexpected structural issues. The structural warranty addresses defects to the home’s designated load-bearing elements.

Structural warranties offer valuable protection for builders and homeowners alike by defining coverage, setting clear expectations, and providing support and guidance should a defect occur.

Overview of items covered:

Roof framing systems, load-bearing walls and partitions, beams, columns, footings and foundation systems, floor framing systems, girders, lintels, and masonry arches

Load-bearing elements and major structural components

A structural warranty administered by 2-10 HBW provides third-party, insurance-backed protection for workmanship, distribution systems and load-bearing structural components of the home.

Structural components

Floor Frame

Floor Framing

Coverage for structural supports for load-bearing elements in floor systems, including joists and bridging. Damage to non-load-bearing elements, such as flooring and underlayment material, is not covered.

Structural components



A structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements. However, damages caused by additions or alterations to the home are not covered.

Structural components


Beams / Girders / Lintels

Horizontal structural members of wood, steel, reinforced concrete or stone which support and transfer loads to vertical members such as columns and foundations. Decorative elements without a load-bearing function are not covered.

Structural components

Footings & Foundation

Footings & Foundation Systems

Often classified as shallow or deep foundations, based on the depth of the load-transfer member below the super-structure and the type of transfer load mechanism. Foundation system requirements depend on strength and compressibility of the site soils, proposed loading conditions and project performance criteria.

Structural components

Walls & Partitions

Load-Bearing Walls & Partitions

All exterior walls are load-bearing walls and are covered. Interior load-bearing walls that support the floors above and the attic’s weight are also covered. Note that improper loading over the design criteria for which that portion of the house was intended will not be covered.

Structural components

Roof Framing Systems

Roof Framing Systems

A group of studs fitted or joined together to provide support for the roof covering. Non-load-bearing elements, such as shingles, roof tiles, sheathing and underlayment are not eligible for coverage.

1 in 7 new homes has a structural warranty administered by 2-10 HBW

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A structural warranty administered by 2-10 HBW makes it even stronger.

A structural warranty offers third-party validation of the quality of your work, helping you differentiate your residential construction business. When a home buyer knows a 10-year promise of reliability backs every home you build, they know they’re buying from a builder they can trust.

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