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Home warranty plans from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Whether you've been living in the same home for years or have recently purchased the home of your dreams, a home warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) is the perfect way to protect your finances by avoiding the unmanageable costs of system and appliance repairs.


of homes will experience a breakdown each year.

Why purchase a home warranty?

When something goes wrong with a home, it can be expensive and inconvenient.

A home warranty is a powerful tool that can help protect against some of the financial risks that come with owning a home. When major appliances or systems break down, homeowners often face unwieldy costs that can seriously impact their budgets. A home warranty is an excellent way to insulate against these expenses.

New appliances breakdown too.

In fact, they have at 20% chance (or higher) of breaking down within the first four years of ownership.

Unexpected Is Expensive.®

A home warranty from 2-10 HBW:

  • Covers the costs for appliances/systems repairs
  • Pays for new replacements if needed
  • Lowers the overall cost of home ownership
  • Offers peace of mind and a greater sense of assurance
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Average replacement cost of a water heater without a home warranty


Average replacement cost of an
HVAC system
without a home warranty

What systems and appliances are covered with a 2-10 HBW home warranty?

Protect your home and budget today

A Home Warranty Service Agreement covers eligible systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. With this coverage, have confidence that your comfort and financial security are covered within your home for many years.

Refer to your Home Warranty Service Agreement for specific coverage details and exclusions.

What's the difference between warranty coverage and homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers loss from incidents like fire, storms and vandalism. A home warranty protects critical systems like your air conditioner, furnace and water heater, plus appliances like the refrigerator, oven, microwave and more, from breakdowns.

Read our Pocket Guide to Comprehensive Coverage

Learn more about the differences between homeowners insurance, home warranty service agreements and new construction structural warranties.

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Here's how a home warranty works

Purchase Coverage

Purchase coverage that fits your needs and review your service agreement.

Create Account

Visit Homeowner Portal to register and complete your profile.

Need Service?

Check your Service Agreement for eligible coverage and then submit a request through Homeowner Portal or call 800.775.4736.

Contractor Dispatched

An independent service contractor is dispatched.

Happy Home

Rest easy, you have a happily serviced home, and will receive a survey for your feedback about your service experience.

Systems and Appliances Warranty Plan

Protect your existing home

You want to know what your warranty company does to make protecting your home simple and affordable. As an industry-leading warranty company, we offer you three different warranty plans to choose from.

Home warranty protection that is simple and affordable.

Plans as low as


a month

Three warranty plans to choose from

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*Price shown includes selection of auto renewal

Simply Kitchen

Simply Kitchen protects your kitchen appliances at an affordable price. Plus, there are countless ways to personalize your plan!

Complete Home

Complete Home gives you even more coverage! From kitchen appliances and HVAC systems to your plumbing and electrical, breakdowns have met their match in our Complete Home plan.

Pinnacle Home

Get peace of mind with Supreme coverage for your home's systems and appliances. Like the cherry on top of your sundae, Pinnacle Home adds Supreme to make great coverage.

Take the stress and effort out of keeping your home humming.

Why choose a warranty from 2-10 HBW?

A home warranty is an incredible tool for keeping your budget on track. Here’s why you should choose 2-10 HBW to protect your home!

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