The pros and cons of your self cleaning oven feature

Pros and Cons of Self-Cleaning Ovens | 2-10 Blog

Pros and Cons of Self-Cleaning Ovens Any sort of auto-function seems like a blessing at first glance. Unfortunately, when it comes to self-cleaning ovens, there are drawbacks that can outweigh potential advantages. Before you thoughtlessly activate your oven’s self-cleaning option, …


Planning for a Home Addition

Planning for a Home Addition | 2-10 Blog

Planning for a Home Addition With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s a great time to start planning a home addition. Whether you’re doubling the size of your home or installing a second bath, the steps are essentially the same. …


How to change a furnace filter to save on energy costs

How to Change a Furnace Filter | 2-10 Blog

How to Change a Furnace Filter Changing the Furnace Filter Often Provides Many Home Benefits Furnace filters don’t just keep the air in your home clean; they also play a big role in determining energy costs. If you’re not sure …


The best new smart home technology

Newest Smart Home Technology for the Home

The Newest Smart Home Technology For Your Home The Best of 2017’s Smart Home Technology (So Far) We’ve talked a lot about smart home technology, but there’s always something new on the market (for example, voice controlled gadgets). Here are …



Inviting Minimalism into Your Home

Inviting More Minimalism Into Your Home Declutter Your House: Minimalism Tips for the Home Have you ever thought about how many things you own and how they might be cluttering up your home? You don’t have to donate all of …


home improvement

10 Improvements that Increase Home Value

10 Home Improvements to Increase Value Top Projects to Increase Your Home Equity Every year, American homeowners invest countless dollars on targeted home improvements that increase property value. At the same time, others spend thousands of dollars on upgrades that …