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You must follow these instructions when using Your Contractor to proceed with Service under your Agreement with us.


Out-of-network contractor


These instructions apply to the use of a non-network contractor (“Your Contractor”) to complete a claim with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (“2-10 HBW”). To be eligible for any reimbursement, you must receive approval from 2-10 HBW to use Your Contractor prior to Your Contractor performing any work. For your protection, Your Contractor must be licensed (as applicable) and fully insured, or 2-10 HBW will not work with them.

2-10 HBW has negotiated rates with parts suppliers and Service Contractors in our network. Your Contractor will likely charge retail rates, which can be much higher for both labor and equipment. If you choose to use Your Contractor despite 2-10 HBW having Service Contractors in your area (e.g., you prefer not to wait for an available appointment with a Service Contractor in our network), 2-10 HBW will only reimburse the amount we would have paid a Service Contractor from our network to complete the repair or replacement with 2-10 HBW–supplied equipment. You will be solely responsible for the difference in price related to the use of Your Contractor. If we have advised you that you must use Your Contractor, Your Contractor must charge fair, reasonable rates in order for you to be eligible for reimbursement of covered work.

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You must follow these instructions when using Your Contractor to proceed with Service under your Agreement with us:

(1) You must receive express authorization to use Your Contractor, or you will be ineligible for any reimbursement. If you receive authorization from us to use Your Contractor, you have our express authorization to receive reimbursement for work performed to remedy Failures on Covered Items within the following limits (the “Pre-Approved Limits”):

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Pre-Approved Limits

Heating or air conditioning $300
Water heater $300
Appliances $250
Plumbing $200
All other trades $150

You do not need additional authorization from 2-10 HBW for diagnosis and any repair work if Your Contractor can complete the work within the applicable Pre-Approved Limit. Your maximum reimbursement (unless you received additional, express authorization from us to proceed with additional work pursuant to Sections 2-6 of these instructions) will be the applicable Pre-Approved Limit reduced by the amount of your Service Fee. Though this amount is pre-authorized, work performed by Your Contractor must still be covered under the terms of the Agreement to be eligible for reimbursement. We reserve the right to reevaluate a coverage decision at any time during or after the claim process.

(2) If Your Contractor cannot complete work within the Pre-Approved Limits, you must receive express authorization from 2-10 HBW prior to them performing any work (other than the diagnosis to determine the potential scope of work). You are solely responsible for every cost arising from any work completed, or services or equipment provided without our express authorization. 2-10 HBW will not provide reimbursement without express authorization, even for Covered Items that may otherwise be eligible for Service.

(3) To receive authorization above the Pre-Approved Limits, you must call 2-10 HBW at 720.531.6751. Be prepared to provide Your Contractor’s detailed diagnosis and estimate, which must include the following:

  • A description of the failed components (i.e., parts/ equipment)
  • Cause of failure
  • Estimated date of the failure
  • Model number, serial number, and applicable part number(s)
  • Itemized costs for each labor and part component of the estimate
  • Other relevant information related to the failure.

(4) 2-10 HBW reserves the right to ask for more information from Your Contractor and/or request an additional opinion from another Contractor if the information from Your Contractor is incomplete or inconsistent. 2-10 HBW is not obligated to obtain additional information or opinions under any circumstances. Obtaining additional information or opinions may cause delays in service.

(5) 2-10 HBW has sole discretion regarding whether an item is covered under the terms of your Agreement, and whether to repair or replacement an eligible system or appliance. 2-10 HBW will not authorize replacement when we determine repairs will bring the system or appliance into working condition, even if Your Contractor recommends replacement due to, for example, the overall age of the system.

(6) If 2-10 HBW determines that the failure is eligible for repair/replacement, we will provide you with a 12-digit authorization code (the “Code”). This Code represents that 2-10 HBW is accepting the claim for coverage above the Pre-Approved Limit, but does not expand or eliminate any dollar limits, exclusions, non-covered costs, or other coverage specifics stated in your Agreement. Once you receive the Code, Your Contractor may begin the work. You are responsible for paying Your Contractor for all work performed. You may then apply for reimbursement from 2-10 HBW after completion of all work and receipt of a paid invoice from Your Contractor.

(7) To apply for reimbursement, you must have the Code provided by 2-10 HBW. 2-10 HBW will not reimburse you if you do not provide the Code. To apply with the Code, complete the Outside Contractor Invoice Submission form through your account (www.2-10.com/homeowner) by clicking on the “Submit Review Request” button in the work order. You must submit copies of the following:

  • Your Contractor’s itemized invoice (i.e., failure, parts cost, labor cost)
  • Your cash, check, or credit card receipt.

For security purposes, please do not include personal credit card or bank account information in your submission.

(8) 2-10 HBW will deduct an amount equal to your Service Fee from any reimbursement. 2-10 HBW will not include payment for any expenses or work that exceed the scope of authorization and/or the coverage described in your Service Agreement.

As a reminder, any charges that exceed the Pre-Approved Limits require you to call 720.531.6751 to receive express authorization before any work is performed, or you will be ineligible for reimbursement over the applicable Pre-Approved Limit, less your Service Fee, even for work that may otherwise have been covered.

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