Homeowners FAQs

Warranty Coverage Information

What is the difference between a home warranty and homeowners insurance?
A home warranty covers the repair or replacement of major systems and appliances from unexpected breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear due to everyday use. Homeowners insurance covers loss from incidents like fire, storms or vandalism. The coverage provided by a home warranty and homeowners insurance does not overlap but does complement one another to provide comprehensive protection.
What is a Home Warranty?
A home warranty is a yearly service contract that covers the replacement or the repairs of appliances and systems in your home, usually for a period of one year. This contract covers homeowners for breakdowns due to normal wear and tear.
When Can You Purchase a Home Warranty?
You can purchase a home warranty at any time for any house. While many home warranties are purchased by a buyer or a seller of a home during a real estate transaction, a home warranty can be purchased by any homeowner looking to protect their budget. Read more.
When can I start using my home warranty?
There is a 30 day waiting period before you can request service. If you purchased a home warranty in a recent real estate transaction, or are renewing your home warranty, you may immediately use your home warranty.
Do you cover older appliances?
Yes. A credible home warranty company should provide coverage for appliances or systems no matter the age. The covered appliances or systems must be operating properly when you purchase the home warranty.
What does a home warranty cover?
A home warranty may cover certain systems like central air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, and water heaters as well as appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. For a complete list of what a 2-10 HBW home warranty covers, check out our systems and appliances page.
What Does a Homeowner Warranty Cover?
A home warranty may cover certain systems like central air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, and water heaters as well as appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. Check out our systems and appliances page for a complete list of what a 2-10 HBW home warranty covers. Or read more about why coverage can vary.
How can I buy a structural warranty on my home being built?
A home builder must become a member of our program in order to provide a structural warranty on your new home being built. You may easily refer your builder by filling out this form
How much does a home warranty cost?
Home warranty plans start for as little as $37 a month. Get a quote today to see what coverage is right for you or call 855.210.4295. Read More about why home warranty costs can vary.
How to Choose the Right Home Warranty?
When choosing the right home warranty for you, it is important to research and compare the options available for your needs and your budget. Monthly and annual costs can vary widely between home warranty providers, but out of pocket costs are just one of the considerations when selecting a home warranty. Read more.
How much do system and appliances repairs or replacements typically cost without a warranty?
Costs vary based on the appliance, however, you can expect to pay an average of $320 to repair a clothes washer, $340 to repair a refrigerator, $1,790 to replace a water heater and $5,100 to replace an HVAC system.
Do you provide warranty coverage in my area?
We offer home warranties in most areas and you can easily check if we have coverage in your area by requesting a quote.
Are home builder structural warranties transferable?
Yes. We offer fully transferable warranties. If the original home owner sells their home before the 1, 2 or 10-year coverage is complete, the structural warranty coverage may be transferred to the new homeowner.
Can I purchase more than 1 year of home warranty coverage?
A systems and appliances home warranty provides coverage for one year and is renewable annually.
Can I buy home warranties for multiple properties?
Yes. Homeowners have the option to purchase coverage for additional properties within homeowner portal.
Can I purchase a home warranty for someone else?
Yes. A home warranty may be purchased for someone else. You will need to provide the address of the home, name of the homeowner and contact information.
Are appliances covered by my homeowners insurance?
While homeowners insurance provides coverage for serious events such as fire, natural disasters and theft, it does not cover the cost of repairing and replacing major systems and appliances.
What is the Appliance Replacement Offer program?
This is a unique program offered by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. When a homeowner requests service for an appliance, the homeowner may choose to continue with the service request or replace the appliance. If the homeowner chooses the Appliance Replacement Offer, a service contractor will not be dispatched and the homeowner saves the service fee.

When the homeowner replaces the broken appliance with a brand-new appliance, and submits a receipt, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty will provide a $100 reimbursement. Homeowners may save up to 65% off retail prices on large and small appliances with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty’s partnership with Whirlpool® and GE®.

Can I buy coverage for only my home appliances?
While our comprehensive systems and appliances coverage is  great protection to have against the most common breakdowns you’ll experience, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty understands that some customers prefer the flexibility of choosing a home warranty plan that’s right for them. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty offer systems only coverage and appliances only coverage. We would be happy to discuss those options with you by calling 800.795.9756
Can I buy coverage for only my home systems?
While our comprehensive systems and appliances coverage is  great protection to have against the most common breakdowns you’ll experience, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty understands that some customers prefer the flexibility of choosing a home warranty plan that’s right for them. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty offer systems only coverage and appliances only coverage. We would be happy to discuss those options with you by calling 800.795.9756
Is dryer vent and/or ductwork cleaning covered by a home warranty?
2-10 HBW is not responsible for the repair of any cosmetic defects, smells, noises or for the cost of cleaning or maintenance of any parts, appliances or equipment.
What types of homes does a home warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty cover?
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty provides home warranties for single family, multi-family and condo/townhomes with a Systems & Appliances home warranty. New construction homes being built by a home builder may be covered by a Structural Warranty.
What is a Homeowners Warranty?
A homeowners warranty can protect you from unmanageable expenses related to the repair and replacement of costly systems and appliances. If you don’t have coverage, now is a great time to acquire home warranty protection against unexpected costs. Read more.
Who Pays for a Home Warranty?
A buyer or a seller can pay for a home warranty and can sometimes depend on what is typical for your specific area. The seller is often motivated to include a home warranty by the desire to sell a home, however, if this is not the case, a buyer may want to purchase a home warranty especially considering the age of the home. A home warranty may be purchased at any time and does not necessarily have to be done during a closing. Read more.
Why Would a Seller Offer a Home Warranty?
A seller would offer a home warranty to make their home more desirable to prospective buyers. A home with a warranty is more likely to sell quickly as the home warranty protection gives the buyer more confidence and peace of mind with their purchase. Read more.

Service Request Information

What is a service fee?
A service fee, very similar to a deductible, is an initial out-of-pocket cost on an eligible claim. The service fee is paid to the service contractor when he/she arrives at your home to diagnosis the reason for the appliance or system breakdown. Service fees range from $85 to$125. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty pays the contractor directly for the balance of the covered repair and/or replacement costs.
How do I request service or file a claim?
To request service, log in to your homeowner portal account and select the system or appliance that is giving you trouble, answer a few questions and we’ll dispatch an authorized service contractor to your home. No hassles, no fuss.
How can I see the status of my claim?
Log in to your homeowner portal account to check on the status of your service request.
How can I submit a structural complaint?
To submit a structural complaint, please call 855.429.2109.
Are there dollar limits for what is covered by a home warranty?
The aggregate dollar limit for coverage may vary from one warranty provider to another. With 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, the annual, aggregate limit is $25,000 for covered systems and appliances. Get a free quote today to see what coverage you can get, or if you are already a home warranty holder, review those details in your home warranty in  Homeowner Portal.
May I choose my own service contractor?
No. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty will dispatch an authorized service contractor. If an authorized service contractor is not available in your area, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty will ask that you call a licensed and insured service contractor and request that they evaluate the issue. The service contractor must call 2-10 HBW for authorization prior to performing any service.
How do I cancel my service request if the issue has been resolved?
To cancel a service request, contact Customer Service at 800.775.4736.
How do I know if I am getting a good service contractor?
Our contractors must qualify in order to be part of our network of preferred contractors. Preferred contractors earn the highest quality scores from our customers and perform repairs quickly.
How long does it take to complete a service request?
A service request is typically completed in an average of 5 days.
What do I do if I have not heard from the Service Contractor?
Upon receipt of the service request, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty will contact a service contractor within 4 hours during normal business hours, 48 hours on weekends and holidays. If 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has your email address, you will receive an email confirmation of the service request, which includes the contact information for the service contractor. You are welcome to call the service contractor directly.
What is an emergency when placing a service request?
An emergency request is generally defined as a service issue resulting in: 1) no electricity, gas, water or toilet facilities to the entire home; 2) a system malfunction that causes ongoing damage to the home; 3) a condition that immediately endangers health and safety. With emergency requests, we will expedite service and attempt to initiate service within 24 hours. With emergency requests, we will expedite service and attempt to initiate service within 24 hours.
What should I do when a covered item breaks down?
Simply go to 2-10.com/homeowner, sign in and request service online, or call 800.775.4736.

Warranty Agreement Information

How do I renew my warranty?
Renewing online is easy, just log in to your homeowner portal account and click on renew or call 800.743.4210.
How can I add additional coverage to my current home warranty?
If you want to add options to an existing home warranty, within 30 days of the effective date, call 800.743.4210 during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM MST.
Do I need register my home warranty?
Yes. Simply register your home warranty on Homeowner Portal and create your account. Be sure and provide phone and email for homeowners.
Where can I view or download my home warranty?
You can find your home warranty by logging into Homeowner Portal, select ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Documents’.
How do I cancel my warranty?
To cancel your Service Agreement, please call 800.776.4296.
When I renew my home warranty, is coverage effective immediately?
You may renew early, or prior to your renewal date, and you won’t lose coverage. Your new renewal date starts when your current coverage ends and is effective the same day.
Can I change the date of my monthly payment for my home warranty?
Upon making your initial payment and activating your home warranty, you may change your future payment dates to fit your budget by calling 800.743.4210.
How do I register my Structural Warranty?
To register the Structural Warranty provided by your builder, visit Homeowner Portal or call 800.743.4210. Be sure and validate your information and provide your email and phone number.

General Information

What is Homeowner Portal? How do I use it?
Homeowner Portal is your 2-10 HBW account. It’s the fastest and best way to submit claims, renew your agreement, and take advantage of perks and programs. To learn how to use it, click here.


Where can I leave feedback or a review?
We’d love to hear your feedback. You can share a review at consumeraffairs.com.
How can I recommend a builder?
You may refer a builder by filling out this form.
What are my payment options?
When purchasing your home warranty, you have the option to pay in full or make monthly payments. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
How can I contact Customer Service?
To reach Customer Service, call 800.775.4736. If you need to place a service request, log in to your Homeowner Portal account.
Can I get a refund on my warranty?
You may cancel the Service Agreement at any time by calling 800.776.4296.
Will a Home Warranty Replace a Heater?
Included in most service contracts a home warranty will replace a heater that cannot be repaired. Heaters are usually covered under either a basic plan or can sometimes be an upgrade or add-on to your plan. Read more.
Why don't appliances last as long as they once did?
If it seems like they don’t make things like they used to, it’s not your imagination. These days, appliances don’t always last due in part to cheaper production strategies and diminished competition. You may be surprised to learn that many manufacturers also engage in planned obsolescence, where they may intentionally design products to fail faster so consumers will have to purchase replacements.

For example, a new dishwasher has a 20% chance of breaking down within the first four years of ownership. A front-loading washing machine has a 25% chance of a breakdown, and a side-by-side refrigerator and freezer have a 36% chance of breaking down. Home warranties help protect against those odds.

Are high-end appliances worth the money?
High-end appliances can offer good value in many circumstances because they save energy, reduce waste and offer premium functions. That said, since they often have complex electrical systems and computer components, high-end appliances can be very expensive to repair and replace. If you choose to purchase a high-end appliance, consider insuring against unmanageable and unexpected costs with a home warranty.
How can I make my appliances last longer?
Proper appliance maintenance can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and prolong its life. Consult this helpful maintenance guide from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty to keep your systems and appliances running in high gear.
How can I ensure my HVAC systems are in good and safe working order?
Testing and inspecting the home’s systems and appliances is always the best way to ensure that those items are working, and home inspections are a great first start. However, home inspectors are not experts in every home system, but are generalists trained to recognize evidence of potential problems. Having a qualified heating and air conditioning service contractor conduct a thorough and exhaustive inspection of the HVAC system can enhance a home listed for sale, and reassure buyers that the most expensive system in their home is in good working order.

2-10 HBW HVAC Certification provides an inexpensive way to check the HVAC thoroughly for any existing failure before closing and/or the beginning of the service period. And, we believe so strongly in the value of this, that when your system passes and receives an HVAC Certification, we will waive the pre-existing condition clause. This service is subject to availability so call to verify if the program is offered in your area.

Another option to ensure your HVAC systems are in good working order is using our Pre-Season HVAC Tune-Up preventative maintenance option in the Home Warranty Service Agreement. With this option, the homeowner can request a pre-season tune-up between February and March or October and November on up to two systems. A system is considered one heating unit and one air conditioning unit. A service fee if due per system. If eligible repairs and replacements beyond the tune-up are required, no additional service fee is due. Note that Pre-Season HVAC Tune-Up is not available in all areas, please refer to your service agreement for your specific coverage.

Do you offer payment options?
Yes. When renewing a home warranty, you will have the option to pay in full or make monthly payments. You can choose between a monthly payment plan to pay once a month or pay every 4 months. Payments will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card on file. A service fee of 9.5% is added to manage the payment process.
Do you provide protection for mobile homes?
Mobile homes located on a permanent foundation are eligible for enrollment in our new home Structural Warranty program for Manufactured/Modular homes and for service under our home warranty service agreement.

Systems and appliances located in park model RVs, fifth wheels, motor homes, travel trailers and campers not on a permanent foundation are not eligible for coverage.

How do I update my credit card information?
Updating your credit card is safe and secure at 2-10.com/homeowner. Simply sign in and click on the ‘My Payments’ tab to update a credit card or switch your future payments to another credit card.
Do I need a home warranty when my systems and appliances are new?
A breakdown can occur at any time, even in new homes. Customers who have been in their homes for three years or less place an average of two claims each year. Newer systems and appliances are more complex and can cost substantially more to repair. A home warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty protects you from these unexpected repairs.