What is the “Best” Home Warranty?

There are many home warranty companies available, but which one is the best? Selecting the best home warranty service agreement, commonly referred to as a home warranty, can be a difficult task. However, when researching home warranty companies and their service agreements there are a variety of factors that indicate if a company offers the best home warranty service agreement. Reviewing these factors against all of the home warranty companies that you are considering will help you understand which company is best and will provide you with the greatest value for the warranty cost and the greatest protection for your pocketbook.

Considerations for Purchasing a Home Warranty

Selecting the right systems and appliances coverage for your home

Depending on which systems and appliances service agreement and the add-on coverage options that you select, there will be different levels of protection. When selecting a systems and appliances service agreement, it is important to understand exactly what is covered. For instance, which exact systems and appliances are covered and up to what amount? Do you have any additional systems and appliances that aren’t covered in the service agreement, and, if so, can you purchase additional coverage that will protect these items? For example, do you have an extra refrigerator or a wet bar? It is important to ensure any extra systems and appliances you have in your home are covered.

In many cases, homeowners who purchase a home warranty service agreement do not consider the exact details of what is covered by their service agreement until something goes wrong. This can lead to unexpected bills as well as customer dissatisfaction. When purchasing a service agreement, make sure to learn the details of the warranty so that you will be adequately covered in the event of a system or appliance failure.

Placing a Service Request

2-10 HBW has streamlined placing a service request, making it as easy as possible for their customers. Through the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW®) Homeowner Portal, customers can log in and electronically submit a service request. Of course you can also submit a service request by telephone as well. The process to submit a service request and have an eligible repair completed by 2-10 HBW is below.


What is a Service Fee?

Most home warranty companies require homeowners to pay a service fee when a contractor comes out for a service request. The service fee is always paid for by the homeowner and is a cost to diagnose the repair. However, paying the service fee is not a guarantee of eligible coverage. This concept is similar to paying a copay for your insurance when going to the doctor’s office. Typical service fees range from $60 to $100 dollars. These service fees are always paid by the homeowner and cannot be refunded.

Terms and Conditions

Just like with any other contract, which a home warranty service agreement is, there is a list of terms and conditions. It is very important to have a firm understanding of the terms and conditions so that you can grasp what exactly in your home is covered, when it is covered, and up to what amount. In an effort to create complete transparency between the company and the customer, 2-10 HBW recently simplified their terms and conditions, breaking them out into easy to understand sections with clear and concise language. When selecting your systems and appliances coverage, ensure that you read the entirety of the terms and conditions in the service agreement, which will ensure that you won’t have any unexpected surprises when it comes time to submit a service request.

Who is the Best Home Warranty Company?

2-10 HBW is a leader in the home warranty industry. With over 36 years in service, 2-10 HBW offers home warranties for homeowners and builders, as well as provides real estate professionals with the easiest-to-understand Home Warranty Service Agreement. Covering over 5.5 million homes, 2-10 HBW takes an active interest in the satisfaction of their customers.

Types of Coverage Offered by 2-10 HBW

2-10 HBW’s Systems and Appliances Service Agreement can be used for buyer’s coverage, seller’s coverage or coverage for a current homeowner. In the event of a failure of a malfunction, the service agreement holder will submit a service request and 2-10 HBW will send out a 3rd party contractor to inspect the issue. If the issue qualifies for repair or replacement, the homeowner will only be responsible for the service fee and any costs outside of the repair cap.

With so many coverage options available to homeowners, it can be difficult to know which warranty is right for you. To learn more about home warranties and which one is a good fit for your home, visit 2-10.com or call 800.743.4210.