5 Blog Ideas for Residential Home Builders

5 Blogging Ideas for Residential Home Builders

5 Blogging Ideas for Residential Home Builders

5 Blog Topic Ideas for Residential Home Builders

Blogging Ideas to Increase Builder’s Online Visibility

Blogging allows home builders to enhance their reputations and engage with prospective clients. When regularly updated with informative content, they can also boost search engine rankings and help drive traffic to your website. If you’ve been struggling to generate intriguing, relevant topics for your company blog, the following subjects should give you some nice ideas.

  1. Money Topics: Financially-driven posts are a great way to engage prospective clients. Some great topics include: ways to prioritize spending on a new project, preventing scope-creep from driving up your remodeling cost and need-to-know information about financing a project.
  2. “How To” Topics: It may seem counter intuitive, but instructionals are a great way to get new business. When written effectively, they can demonstrate the need for professional assistance. They can also establish you as an expert on key topics. You can center your how-to features on any number of topics, including choosing a good lot, extending living space with additions, energy-efficient upgrades and other renovation ideas.
  3. Floor Plans: The foundations for all custom home building or renovation projects, floor plans are often misunderstood by consumers. By providing useful advice, you can help establish yourself as a go-to contractor in your market. Compare open plans with traditional floor plans. Discuss various design options, writing about features and benefits. Add a virtual tour and plenty of great photos to help prospective clients visualize the subject matter.
  4. Case Studies: By providing personal insight into a past project, you can offer valuable information while framing yourself as an experienced expert. Focus on how you overcame unusual challenges on a particular project, or detail one of your projects from start to finish. People love a good story, and case studies allow you to engage with potential customers, while offering great insight into your processes.
  5. Q&A: This is a great way to generate search engine traffic, while also demonstrating your expertise. Use a keyword popularity tool to identify some of the most common questions people have about new builds and renovations. Next, use your blog to offer detailed answers to these questions. In time, other websites may link to your content, enhancing your reputation as an expert and boosting your search engine rankings.

Leveraging Current Events

Local and national news can provide great opportunities for blogging. Watch for financial reports and specific trends related to home building and renovation. Pay special attention to regional happenings, since these are the things most likely to impact your customers.

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