5 Simple Home Updates

A man's arm with a paint roller. The section his arm has rolled over shows a clean room with a dark hardwood floor and mint-green walls. The sections around the rolled portion show a room with dusty wood floors and plain white walls.

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, summer project, or something you’ve been meaning to do for years, updating your home can make it feel brand new. Use these five simple home updates to get started.

1. Paint your front door and walls

Worker hand paints wooden front door with paintbrush. The door is a dark wood with a pane glass window.

Painting is a simple, timeless home update to make your home feel brand new. It’s also a good motivator to take stock of what’s fallen out of style or gotten a little dirty over time.

When painting your front door, be sure to purchase exterior paint. Many homeowners like to make their front door stand out by using bold colors, like red. And unless you have a door that’s made of high-end wood, painting it can help increase your home’s curb appeal.

For interior painting, invest in higher-quality paints, and make sure you’re choosing the correct finish for the room you’re painting. For example, consider a semi-gloss for rooms that require stain resistance, like kitchens or kids’ rooms.

2. Purchase a new doormat

A tiny, tan, pitbull-mix puppy sitting on a brown welcome mat. The mat has the word "Welcome" imprinted on it in black text

A doormat adds a subtle zest to your home. Unless you’re thinking about selling soon, you can even get a personalized doormat that shows some personality.

If you haven’t replaced your doormat in a while, it’s a good idea to do so to prevent mold. Additionally, dry rot, which occurs over time, can harbor fungi and spores, which can then track into your home.

3. Clean your windows

A white woman in blue jeans, white t-shirt, yellow gloves, and black hat standing on a small wooden ladder, cleaning interior windowpanes with a green rag on the inside of a white-walled house

This is an especially good idea if you live in areas with blustery winds. But regardless of where you live, your window interiors and exteriors will likely get dirty over time, especially if you have kids or pets who like to make nose art.

We’ve created a comprehensive window-cleaning guide for you. As you clean, just remember some basics:

  • Use a squeegee or microfiber cloth instead of paper towels for fewer streaks.
  • Try to avoid using hose water to clean your outdoor windows, since it often contains hard minerals that can wear out windowpanes.
  • Check your window caulking for cracks, and re-caulk if necessary.

4. Get some indoor plants

An Asian mother on the right and young Asian daughter on the left watering a green succulent plant that's in a white pot. The daughter is spraying the plant with a yellow spray bottle

Indoor plants are both great to look at and can improve your home’s air quality. You can find many of the best indoor plants at your local gardening shop or hardware store’s garden section.

Check out six of our favorite indoor plants, including the wacky frizzle sizzle.

An important note: Be cautious when choosing plants if you have pets, since some can be toxic.

5. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans

A red and purple duster on an extension pole cleaning the top side of a dark brown ceiling fan

Dusting your light fixtures and ceiling fans can go a long way in brightening your home and reducing allergens.

Often, a feather duster or microfiber cloth will do the trick. But for caked on grime, you can use a slightly damp washcloth. Just take caution when using water around light fixtures to avoid a shock.

Additionally, if you need to use a ladder to reach fans or lights, make sure you have a spotter. It might seem like overkill to have a spotter, but falling off a ladder is a much bigger hassle than asking someone to spot you.

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