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Affordable Design Concepts to Enhance Your Staircase

Staircases are much more than conduits between different levels of a home. They also play a big role in setting the look and feel of a house. There are many different ways to refine the look of your stairs. Here are some effective ways to enhance your staircase without spending a fortune.

Add a Coat of Paint

One of the easiest ways to enliven a boring staircase is by applying a coat of paint. You can paint the entire staircase in a single color or create a striped or ombre effect by painting each step differently. Just be sure to choose a durable floor paint that will hold up to constant wear and tear. You should also properly prepare the underlying wood to promote adhesion and prevent chipping and flaking. This means adding a coat of primer and abrading the surface as necessary. If you aren’t sure how to do this, get advice from an expert at your local home improvement store.

Put Up Wallpaper

You can personalize your staircase without paint by strategically placing wallpaper on the vertical parts of each step. These days, you can find all sorts of different styles and patterns of wallpaper that add an artful touch to ordinary staircases. Whether you want to accentuate your contemporary theme or bring the tropics indoors, there’s an option for every interior design style.

Upgrade Your Banister

The right banister can drastically alter the look of a staircase. A dull-finish metallic banister can make a home feel more urban, while varnished wood can make it look more rustic. Whether you want your home to look more elegant and refined or warm and welcoming, a new banister can do the trick. You can even turn your staircase into a conversation piece by adding a nautical rope banister.

Install LED Lighting

Strategically placed LED lighting can have a powerful impact on boring staircases. Lighting along the base can create a floating effect. You can also choose tinted or colored lighting to add some pop and personality to your stairs.

Put Down Carpet Runners

Because this style of carpeting leaves the edges of the stairs visible, it’s a great option for people who have beautiful wood staircases that could use a touch of warmth. Runners are easier and cheaper to install than full carpet. Most homeowners prefer to add boldly patterned runners to create more texture and detail to neutral spaces. You should look for a distinctive pattern that blends well with the surrounding d├ęcor, while still drawing the eyes towards the stairs. You can also opt for a more neutral non-patterned runner to support a minimalist style.

Add Tiles

You can add a Mediterranean feel to your home by installing tile on the vertical risers. To make sure the tiles stand out, be sure to pick a contrasting color that doesn’t look too similar to your horizontal steps. Aside from this, your options are really unlimited. Choose a solid color or let your creativity lead the way and add varying tiles that compliment your home’s unique interior design theme.

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