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outdoor lighting

outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting: Should Builders Provide It?

Across the nation, there’s been an increase in the use of outdoor lighting, especially with larger properties with more expansive grounds. To determine whether or not you should add exterior lighting to your builds, consider the following.

Growing Popularity of Builder-Installed Exterior Lighting

Because it’s the very first thing people see, a home’s exterior plays a primary role in piquing buyer interest. Good landscaping can add tens of thousands of dollars to a property’s value. But, what if that landscaping remained visible even after sunset?

Working homeowners spend more time inside their homes after dark than they do during the day. They don’t want to see their windows as big dark mirrors at nightfall. Instead, they’d like to look out into their yards and appreciate the entirety of their properties, even when the sun sets.

To satisfy this growing demand, more and more builders are adding outdoor lighting to their designs. Much of this has been driven by improved flexibility afforded by LEDs, along with a desire for more attractive, practical outdoor space.

Modern low-voltage landscape lighting offers a number of benefits that make it a practical addition to a build. For one, it’s easy to install. It can also be strategically placed under steps and deck rails, shining down from trees or tucked above hardscape walls. Versatile, outdoor-rated LED tape is also growing in popularity, as are engaging exterior LED fixtures and weather-resistant pendant or chandelier-type products that look like they belong inside the house.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Common sense suggests that builders should be able to command higher prices any time they enhance a home’s aesthetics. While it’s not always easy to quantify exactly how much ROI outdoor lighting might bring, there’s no doubt it can raise eyebrows by adding beauty and functionality to a home’s exterior.

At the same time, there are a lot of considerations that go into a builder’s decision to invest in outdoor lighting. Does the property have a large surrounding area? Does the build include compelling landscaping? Is the property in a rural area, isolated from other homes, and – if so could exterior lighting provide a greater sense of security?

Builders must also determine which type of lighting they can utilize to balance costs against benefits. With a wide array of modern LED options, it’s much easier to design cost-effective plans for incorporating at least some amount of exterior lighting into a build.

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