Designing Kitchens with Butlers Pantry

butlers pantry

butlers pantry

Designing Kitchens with a Butler’s Pantry

Why A Butler’s Pantry May be a Growing Trend in Home Design

Whether they’re only large enough for a task sink or a full catering station, butler’s pantries are making a resurgence in home design. To better differentiate your schemes and elevate buyer interest, learn some clever ways to incorporate a butler’s pantry into your next building project.

What is a Butler’s Pantry?

A popular feature in older homes, butler’s pantries traditionally served as buffers between kitchens and formal dining rooms. Typically, they were equipped will a small sink, along with numerous cabinets and drawers for china and linens. These days, a butler’s pantry can serve a variety of functions, depending on a builder’s budget and imagination.

A Diversity of Designs

Builders can incorporate a butler’s pantry into their designs in a number of ways, including:

  • Service kitchen: Equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher or all of the above, service kitchens are places to prepare a meal without messing up the main kitchen.
  • Storage: A well-designed butler’s pantry provides a versatile and attractive storage space for canned goods, dishes and cutlery.
  • Pet pantry: Even a very small area can provide compelling value to pet-owners, who need a place to feed their dogs.
  • Decor: The tiniest butler’s pantry can exude style when appointed with mirrors, decorations and strategic lighting.
  • Alcove: Even if you don’t have space in your design for an extra room, you can still create a small recess in the kitchen and designate it for butler pantry duties.

Pantries for Contemporary Homes

Once regarded as a luxury, traditional butler’s pantries were often nothing more than areas for caterers and wait staff to stay out of the way during a party. Obviously, few modern homeowners employ live-in butlers. That said, builders shouldn’t be afraid to create butler’s pantry in contemporary settings.

A subtle palette of dark wood cabinetry, a modern chandelier and a stylish backsplash can seamlessly integrate even the smallest pantry into your plan. Whether it’s functional, aesthetic or both, a butler’s pantry can elevate your design and inspire greater buyer interest.

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