Does a Home Warranty Cover Pool Leaks?

Does a Home Warranty Cover Pool Leaks?

Does a home warranty cover pool leaks?

Having your own pool is a great way to get away without actually going anywhere. But pools can be expensive and require a lot of upkeep, especially to prevent pool leaks. Pool leaks can damage your backyard, and in the worst cases, they can even do structural damage to your home. Investing in a home warranty with pool coverage from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) can save your family from the stress and financial cost that can occur when your pool breaks down. But what exactly does a home warranty cover? And does this coverage apply to pool leaks?

A home warranty plan with pool coverage can help you avoid unexpected expenses. Let’s look at four important topics about home warranties.

  • The basics of home warranty pool coverage
  • Whether or not home warranties cover pool leaks
  • Home warranty companies that provide pool coverage
  • The best home warranty with pool repair coverage

Basics of home warranty pool coverage

A home warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of a covered appliance or home system. By adding optional pool coverage, you can protect your pool against certain breakdowns. A home warranty provides specific coverage and is not a manufacturers warranty, builders warranty, structural warranty, or part of your homeowners insurance.

Having a home warranty with the pool coverage option can offset the cost of repairs or malfunctioning equipment. When you purchase optional pool coverage from 2-10 HBW, you get coverage for the following pool elements:

  • All heating components
  • All pumping components
  • Any pool-sweep motors
  • Pool filtration systems
  • Saltwater cells and circuit boards (for saltwater pools/spas)

Not every component in a swimming pool or spa is covered under a home warranty plan. For example, 2-10 HBW coverage doesn’t include jets, lights, waterfalls, underground pool lines (electrical, plumbing, gas), or chlorinators.

Finally, pool coverage will not apply if the pool came with a pre-existing condition. Make sure to conduct a thorough pool inspection before considering home warranty coverage. Additionally, coverage does not apply if the pool broke down as a result of an accident, an environmental disaster, or from malice or negligence.

Do home warranties cover pool leaks?

Yes, a home warranty can cover pool leaks. However, coverage depends on where the leak is and what caused it. For example, if the leak exists in the pool’s lining, then warranty coverage would not apply. However, a leak from the filtration system would apply.

Finding a pool leak can be difficult because there are so many elements that can leak. Your pool system may include a filter system, pump, chlorinator, and heater, all of which can be a source of leakage. This is why it’s important to double-check your home warranty coverage. With a home warranty from 2-10 HBW, you can always check your coverage, which clearly states any limits or exclusions.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to check for pool leaks.

  1. First, fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and place it on the second step in your pool.
  2. Make sure the water in the bucket is at the same level as your pool water line and mark it inside the bucket using duct tape or a marker.
  3. Turn off the pump and other auto-refill device and compare the water line after 24 hours.
  4. If the pool and bucket water levels have lowered at the same rate, then the water simply evaporated.
  5. If the pool’s water level is lower than the bucket’s water level, then you may have a pool leak.
  6. To narrow down the source of the pool leak, repeat the test every 24 hours with the pump on.

If you’ve narrowed down that there is a leak in your pool, there are several ways of testing for the pool leak.

Home warranty companies that provide pool coverage

Most home warranty companies offer pool coverage as an option. When considering home warranty companies, try to find a company that’s:

  • Licensed
  • Provides optimal coverage for your needs
  • Ensures that you understand the pricing model

2-10 HBW provides pool coverage as an additional option. This optional coverage protects many of your pool’s heating, pumping, and filtration systems.

Most common pool problems are problems you can solve as a homeowner. However, if you detect a leak or potential mechanical malfunction, it can be comforting to know that a home warranty company like 2-10 HBW is there to support you.

Best home warranty with pool repair coverage

If you’re considering coverage for your pool, look for a home warranty plan with the following options:

  • The home warranty company is reliable with a positive reputation among its clients and contractors.
  • The service agreement is easy to read and understand.
  • The company provides knowledgeable customer service.
  • The warranty plan will work in conjunction with home insurance or additional pool insurance policies.
  • The home warranty company will be able to recommend pool maintenance that you can do on your own.

2-10 HBW can provide affordable and comprehensive coverage for your home’s pool.

2-10 HBW offers the most comprehensive home warranty coverage for homeowners. Let us help you protect your home.

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