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  Gutter cleaning and maintenance is a home maintenance task that every homeowner should know how to do, but don’t be fooled: keeping your gutters clear is a year-round task.

Maintaining your gutters now will make your life much easier when fall comes around. Go through this gutter maintenance and cleaning checklist to tackle any problems when it’s easiest to fix them. You can use all of that saved time for other fun fall and winter activities! As an added bonus, you won’t be digging leaves out of your gutters when the temperatures start to dip.

Remove debris like leaves and bugs

 Your first order of business is to remove any visible debris from your gutters. Leaves, bugs, insects and other objects can get stuck in your gutters, so grab a pair of gloves and scoop it all out.

Look out for nests

 Gutters offer prime housing for birds and wasps, so check for any nests during your maintenance scan.

Most nesting birds will have fledged by the summer months, but make sure you’re confident that the nest isn’t being used anymore before removing it. If it’s empty you can remove it from your gutters.

If you come across any active wasp nests it’s best to call a pest control company for safe removal.

Get your gutters looking new again

 Now that your gutters are clear it’s time to get them cleaned. You can use a scrub brush and soap to easily clean off any dirt and grime.

 As you scrub, pay special attention to any areas that have an excess of mold, moss and algae. These could signal problems with your roof’s drainage that may need to be addressed.

Look for damage and repair leaks

 Now that your gutters are cleaned you might notice rust, holes and other signs of wear and tear. Keep track of where these areas are, because you’ll need to repair them. If there are spots where your gutters are very rusty those portions should be replaced.

Next, search for leaks. Some leaking areas will be visible and others can be located by running small amounts of water through the gutters. Leaks can be fixed by the pros, or you can DIY it by applying gutter (or silicone) caulk around a clean and dry piece of gutter. You can also repair gutter leaks with a patch of metal flashing that’s adhered via roofing cement.

Early fall is the best time to tackle gutter repairs and replacements

If you want, or need, to install new gutters or downspouts, now is the ideal time to do so. It’s also the perfect time to install gutter covers (also called leaf guards). These covers don’t catch everything, but they do keep whole leaves out, and they make fall maintenance much easier.

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